Home News Honest Wife Whendy Pido Turns Down the Extra Php5,000 Cash Aid

Honest Wife Whendy Pido Turns Down the Extra Php5,000 Cash Aid

Honest Wife Whendy Pido Turns Down the Extra Php5,000 Cash Aid
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North Cotabato, Philippines – Whendy Pido earned praises after turning down another Php5,000 cash aid after her husband received the same amount for their household. The Philippine government is giving one cash aid per household. This prompted Whendy to turn down the extra cash aid.

It’s a wife’s tale of honesty.

DSWD Region XII shared this remarkable deed, stating that the office wishes other locals would also show concern for others. They’re impressed with Whendy that they posted her photo on their Facebook page.

Whendy is a 28-year old wife. She lives in Basak, Magpet, North Cotabato, and has one child.

The agency mentioned that she willingly gave back the money. It was a deed close to her heart because she knew that some other family needs the money too. It’s the truth.

Even in times of the pandemic, there are still people who care. Despite the challenges that everyone is facing now, you’d be surprised, by the growing number of people going out there, and helping others.

At this time, all of us have a role to play. For front-liners, they’re giving their all to manage peace and order, treat patients, and produce, and provide food. On the other hand, everyone at home should try their best to keep safe from the virus and pray for everyone who needs to go outside and work. We got this!

Kudos to Whendy for being one of them! Ms. Whendy, you just showed many that there’s hope for humanity. Because of you, another family will get some money to buy their basic needs.

The pandemic may have brought fear to many of us. But it’s also teaching us some valuable lessons we can use from now on. One is saving for the rainy days for the people who can. Another is knowing the importance of kindness.


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