Home News President Duterte Signs Student Fare Discount Law and Get 20% Discount

President Duterte Signs Student Fare Discount Law and Get 20% Discount

President Duterte Signs Student Fare Discount Law and Get 20% Discount
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Manila, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte signed the Republic Act 11314 or student fare discount law last April 17. The republic act will allow students to get 20% discount when they travel by air or by sea and in other public transportation. The law covers 20% discount for students on “regular domestic fare”. This will cover several public transportation such as public utility jeepneys, public utility buses, taxis, passenger trains, tricycle, airplanes, and marine vessels. They can avail of this discount as long as they are still students.

Before the signing, students only get discounts on public transportation on land. This has changed after the signing. Students can enjoy the discount by showing their valid IDs, proof of identity or enrollment form. For air transport, students will get the discount for the base fare or price before taxes and ancillary services costs. This is applicable to all students who are enrolled in elementary, secondary, technical, vocational, and higher education.

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Students in driving schools and dancing schools or students enrolled in short-term courses can’t avail of this discount. Post graduate students taking up medicine, law and other masteral and doctorate degree are also not included in the discount. The qualified student is also not allowed to combine discounts or ask for double discounts. For example, the student can only get a 20% discount and not additional promotional fare from public transportation. The student can’t ask for additional discounts other than what was imposed.

The implementation of this law can help not only student but more importantly, their parents who are working hard to support them. This is good news for families on a budget but would like to travel back and forth from Manila to their respective provinces. Students and their parents can save some money, thanks to this new law.

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