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Senator Gordon Pushes the Salary Increase for Nurses

Senator Gordon Pushes the Salary Increase for Nurses
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Senator Richard Gordon was invited in an event for nurses on Saturday. During the 45th Annual Convention and Scientific Meeting of the Operating Room Nurses Association of the Philippines Inc., the senator pointed out that he will help the nurses to receive fair compensation.

The senator reiterated a provision in the Philippine Nursing Act of 2002 or the Republic Act No. 9173 citing that nurses assigned in public health institutions should receive Salary Grade 15 or Php30,531 monthly. A monthly pay that ranges from Php8,000 to Php13,000 should be given to an entry-level nurse.

However, the government was unable to give the appropriate salary that nurses deserve.  Nurses play a significant role in the primary health care of the country.  The senator further said that nurses are facing risks while rendering their job. They are in the frontline that’s why there’s a great chance to acquire diseases from the patients.

Many Filipino nurses were leaving the country and tried their luck overseas to earn more. But if the government will provide the right salary for nurses, most likely they will prefer to serve the country. The Department of Health started a program called Nurse Deployment Project in which health professionals were deployed in far-flung communities. The good thing about the NDP is that they offer higher salary rates than the LGU hospitals. Thus, the nurses in LGU hospitals were enticed joining the NDP.

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Filipino nurses are hopeful that Senator Gordon will fulfill his promise. Considering all the expenses in school and during the review for nurses, the minimal salary that nurses are receiving nowadays is unjust. The government should do their part to provide the appropriate compensation for nurses so that they would not leave the country.

The number of nurses assigned to LGU hospitals is not enough to serve the number of patients in the community. Once they receive the right compensation, more Filipino nurses will be more willing to work in their native land.

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