Home Tech Entertainment Take a Look the Built Extension of Alex And Toni Gonzaga’s House In Taytay.

Take a Look the Built Extension of Alex And Toni Gonzaga’s House In Taytay.

Take a Look the Built Extension of Alex And Toni Gonzaga’s House In Taytay.
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There’s a lot of celebrities that became successful and made a name in the Philippine industry. Through their achievements, they are able to provide for their families, find comfort, and engaged in investments such as cars and properties. We can’t write them all on this article but in particular, let’s talk about Alex and Toni Gonzaga.

Alex and Toni Gonzaga are just two of the brightest and famous stars in the Philippines today. Unlike her big sister, Alex earned her fame when he entered vlogging, becoming an online influencer. As of writing, her YouTube channel garnered 6.89 million subscribers. She is now engaged with her boyfriend for 3 years, Mikee Morada. Mikee proposed to Alex while they are on a trip to Hong Kong on December 27, 2019.

On the other hand, Toni is happily married to the filmmaker Paul Soriano on June 12, 2015. The 36-year-old celebrity gave birth to her firstborn Severiano Elliott on September 30, 2016. She also has a YouTube channel with 1.39 million subscribers. They are now celebrating their 5th Anniversary this year.

Today, we will have an exclusive tour of their newly renovated house in Taytay, Rizal.

The Gonzaga family acquired a 150sqm lot in 2005. Years after, they are able to build a four-bedroom house with a swimming pool. And after saving their money again, they bought another 600sqm lot to extend their family house and built two bedrooms for Toni and Alex.


The living room is still the same. You can find a fully upholstered three-seater sofa and seats from the Imperial House of Furniture, Gifts, and Porcelain. You can also see a wooden coffee table with a ceramic horse figurine on top.


The kitchen was fully renovated. Wooden cabinets all around matched with the white counter. The refrigerator is concealed in a wooden cabinet to make it more sophisticated and has a Victorian vibe.


Judging at the picture, it looks so clean and classy. The matriarch of the family decided to separate the old dirty kitchen from the main kitchen. It is a large space to cater to the whole family and friends as well.


The house extension has details of white, gray, and framed photos. Frames were hanged on the wall, fully upholstered gray sofa, a vintage camera, and studio lights make it even more classy.


This is the place where the family gathers to watch their favorite movie. You can also find an electronic piano beside the L-shaped sofa as Toni knows how to play the piano.


The rooms were built according to their taste and likes. All of us are probably wowed especially those ladies who dream of having this kind of personal space.


Well, what could we expect in their walk-in closet? Branded shoes, clothes, and bags packed the place.


Both of the bathrooms are also chick and sophisticated. The color palettes are very nice and the old-fashioned bathtub is a plus.


Aside from the entertainment room, this is also the place where the family gathers and spend their free time together.

Source: Real Living

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