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Ms. Jen Dullente is a school teacher. She goes to school every day intending to impart knowledge to her students but something depressing happened that she decided to share the story on Social Media. She received an excuse letter from her student’s mother one day. The letter came from the mother stating that her son wasn’t able to go to school for three days because they don’t have rice to eat. The student’s father was ill for three days that’s why he wasn’t able to drive the sicad which is where he gets his earnings from.

Ms. Jen Dullente

It seems that the mother doesn’t have the job so they weren’t able to eat during those three days. The teacher chose to post the letter on Social Media because, as she shared, she became a teacher to help children realize that they can do something about their situation. They can work hard to overcome poverty.

image credit to Jen Dullente

You can be born poor but you’ve got a lifetime to strive and earn money. It’s a difficult road to take because peer pressure and environmental factors dictating you marry young or smoke or drink your frustrations away. It’s alright to get married and be in love but do it in a time when you’re financially, emotionally, and spiritually ready. Spend your younger years on learning and striving to earn a decent income. That won’t come knocking on your door but through hard work and perseverance. You should also develop a thick skin against toxic people.

screengrab from Ms. Jen Dullente

The sad excuse letter Teacher Jen received got positive reactions from netizens. They praised the family for not giving up on the student’s dream and said that they admire the parents for trying to raise their children. Netizens also got a bit emotional because of their ordeal. They wished the family the best of luck and are hoping that someone with a kind heart can give them some financial assistance. source: Facebook

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