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Lucky you if you’ve been frugal even before the lockdown happened. People from different communities here and abroad experienced layoffs. The world is mourning for the economic drop.

But what can we do during the lockdown? There are still many ways to cope at this time. For this woman, that meant saving up way before the pandemic happened.

image vi CFO PESO SENSE / Facebook

She is the wife of a barber. Her husband used to work for well-to-do clients. They would give him big tips.

The husband and wife had a compromise. Wifey asked her husband to save a part of his salary for their children’s future. Then, wifey would save up the tips he brings home each day.

It was a good deal for them. Wifey is not a spender. Instead, she put Php1,000 a day in her pouch, which she kept secret from her husband.

Alas, the pandemic came, and her husband lost his job. Her husband was worried they won’t survive the situation.  To his surprise, wifey managed to cook proper meals day after day.

When he couldn’t bear the mystery any longer, he asked her where the money she spends is coming from.

photo for reference

Wifey told her husband that it was from the tips he gave her. She explained that the money amounted to Php217K because she saved most of it. Her husband was so happy that he hugged her and thanked her for saving up.

She shared her story on CFO Peso Sense. It’s a Facebook page where followers share their stories of saving up. It’s an inspirational page and you can learn a lot about being thrifty and preparing for the rainy days.

It’s never too late to save up. Right now, everyone should focus on survival first. There are lesser jobs and opportunities. So, it will be harder.

Let’s give it time and try to survive until the storm passes. After this is over, we can start practicing saving up again. Many Facebook pages enlist tried and tested ways to save up for people in different social statuses. Reading those is helpful. Good luck!

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