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Local and foreign tourists flock to Boracay year-round. It’s one of our country’s finest white sand beaches. Even celebrities here and abroad love how this island beams with so much life.

Just take a look at the nightlife in Boracay. If you’d like to be seen then you must go there. There are also quiet corners around the island. These are the not-so-secret, secret spots.

For a time, our pride and joy have fallen to the hands of tourists. It became polluted due to many restaurants not having proper sewage systems. These caused the water around the island to be dirty, with some folks complaining of skin rashes.

But, this island is so magical that President Rodrigo Duterte closed it for a while to renovate. Nevermind if they closed it to make way for a big casino. The important thing is that they’ve rehabilitated the island.

Now, the island is back to its former glory. It’s very clean, and families and friends can swim safely. They can also play many water sports. The island is popular for that.

Before the fame of the island, it was an untouched virgin beach. Pictures posted show a fine white sand beach laden with many coconut trees. There weren’t many inhabitants on the island.

Some of the pictures were even in black and white! Island life back then was very simple. And, only a few small nipa huts are on the beachfront.

You could see in the picture some local members of the community. These pictures are circa 1980. The island became popular soon.

It was not only beautiful and pristine. The island is also rich in natural resources especially from the sea.

Island life in Boracay is very different today. The important thing is the rehabilitation. They were able to save Boracay.

A couple of days ago, locals found colorful seashells by the shore. No one knows yet what this phenomenon could be. But, everyone is amazed at seeing those seashells.

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