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We are amazed whenever we see the celebrity homes in the Philippines. Some celebrities are not born rich. They need to work very hard to earn success in the entertainment industry. Here are the 10 stars in the Philippines that will inspire you with their beautiful houses.

Kris Aquino’s House in Metro Manila

Kris’s house is simple using only white as color. You will be stunned by the house’s antique furniture and enormous windows.

Kuh Ledesma’s Hacienda in Cavite

The outside appearance of Kuh’s hacienda is modern, while the inside interior is timeless. You will feel that you are back in the 90’s when you see the singer’s furniture, antique collection, and terracotta tiled floors.

Bea Alonzo’s House in Quezon City

Bea has a house that every woman wants to have. She made sure that her house is very stylish. One artwork in her living room is the main attraction in Bea’s home.

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