Home Tech Entertainment Vickie Rushton Finishes Free TESDA Online Program Courses During Quarantine

Vickie Rushton Finishes Free TESDA Online Program Courses During Quarantine

Vickie Rushton Finishes Free TESDA Online Program Courses During Quarantine
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Vickie Rushton, former PBB housemate and girlfriend of Jason Abalos shared her life amidst the quarantine period. The ’tisay’ beauty took up free TESDA online courses. How exciting!

The TESDA Online Program provides free educational materials for many Filipinos staying inside their homes for now. Vickie learned about agriculture, entrepreneurship, and 21st-century skills. She posted on her Instagram her amazing experience, complete with notes, certificates, and enrollment instructions.

Image via Vickie Rushton | ig

She expressed her enthusiasm to finish her third online course. Learning keeps her busy and productive. The agriculture course provided her insights about sustainable gardening and survival gardens.

The Tesda Online Program has 68 courses offered from TESDA. This includes electronics, healthcare, tourism,  and food processing, among others.

Pinoys can join TESDA online programs. If you’re interested, create an account on their web portal, e-tesda.gov.ph. Tuition is free and students can even go to face-to-face assessment once the quarantine period is over.

here’s a guide on how to enroll TESDA ONLINE PROGRAM COurses

TESDA is one of the government agencies trying to create opportunities for Filipinos right now. There is hope. We Filipinos must rely on that if we are rising after the pandemic.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of free online programs for everyone on the net. TESDA’s been doing their online courses for a while now. But, since the pandemic, it looks like they’ve added more.

Courses they offer vary, and there’s something for everyone. Food lovers will delight in processing courses like making jams and jellies. There’s also entrepreneurial courses for business-minded people. The choices are many, and it’s a great use of time to learn something new during the pandemic.

The best thing about these courses is that you can use what you’ve learned after the pandemic is over. Your learning can be something you earn from. After all, life after COVID will change dramatically as some experts suggest.

That said, people must work harder to make up for lost time and money.


Vickie Rushton said on her caption:


“Earlier today, I finished my third online course. It feels so good to do something productive while on quarantine.

Image via Vickie Rushton | ig

Last April 13, I enrolled myself in the TESDA Online Program (TOP). TOP offers 68 online courses for free and they are all self-paced. I took courses under Agriculture, Entrepreneurship and 21st Century Skills. The topics in these courses are so useful and timely. Since I love gardening, it broadened my knowledge about growing plants and the importance of having a sustainable garden or “survival garden” in our backyards. Im also sharing some notes under Managing Your Personal Finances. Since the ECQ has been extended until May 15, I thought of sharing this with you.

Image via Vickie Rushton | ig

Enrollment is quick and easy. Just go to e-tesda.gov.ph. May certificate din after! “

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