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TESDA Offers Online Courses for Free Remote Study

TESDA Offers Online Courses for Free Remote Study
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TESDA has been helping a lot of Filipinos particularly those who are unable to enroll in high school or college. Unlike before, TESDA is now offering online courses that give opportunities to anyone interested.

The online courses are designed for anyone who aims to learn knowledge and new skills. This means that the online courses are not only for undergraduate but also for professional, unemployed, and employed. In fact, many have been benefiting from the TESDA Online Program.

Some of the popular TESDA courses that do not involve tuition fees are the following:

  • Housekeeping NC II
  • Food and Beverage NC II
  • Cookery NC II
  • Web Development
  • Massage Therapy NC II
  • Tourism Courses
  • Game Development
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Trainers Methodology
  • Electronics and Entrepreneurship
  • Healthcare
  • Maritime

Online courses with free tuition

  • Automotive
  1. Automotive battery servicing
  2. Diesel engine tune up
  • Agriculture
  1. Fruit grower
  • Entrepreneurship
  1. STAR Online Training program
  2. Managing personal finances
  3. Start and improve your business
  • Health care/human health
  1. Massage therapy NC II
  • Electronics
  1. Solar night light assembly
  • HVAC and refrigeration
  1. Packaged Air Conditioner Unit servicing
  • Tourism
  1. Housekeeping NC II
  2. Front Office Services NC II
  3. Food and Beverages Servicing NC II
  4. Cookery NC II
  5. Bread and Pastry Production NC II
  • Information and Communication Technology
  1. Udemy courses
  2. Udacity – Google courses
  3. Web development using CSS3 and HTML5
  4. SMART Technopreneurship
  5. Basic computer operation
  6. Microsoft online courses
  7. Animation 3D digital
  • TVET
  1. Trainers methodology I and II
  • Lifelong learning skills
  1. How to build confidence in your abilities
  2. Skills to succeed in Academy
  3. Job interview skills training course
  • 21st-century skills
  1. Workplace communication
  2. Environmental literacy
  • Social community development and other courses
  1. Beauty care services (nail care) NC II

The objective of the TESDA Online Program

The main objective of the TESDA Online Program is to make it more accessible to interested Filipino citizens by using information and communication technologies. The TOP offers an efficient and effective way of providing the program to a broader audience without spending a big amount of money.

The advantage of taking the TESDA Online Program is that it can be taken anywhere and anytime. Interested individuals must register an account at TOP. All you need is an internet connection and a laptop or computer.

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How to enroll for the online courses

  • Register for an account at TOP
  • Remember the login details that you will use every time to access the online courses
  • A certificate of completion will be issued by TESDA after finishing the online course
  • You need to pass the personal assessment held at any accredited center of TESDA to obtain the official National Certification

Benefits of taking the online courses

  • No tuition fee – Enrolling for any TESDA online course is free. This means that you need not pay anything. You will develop new skills without spending much.
  • Easy access – You can take the online course as long as you have an internet connection. You can also watch the courses on your mobile phone or tablet, laptop, or computer. The best thing about the online course is that you can go back to the previous lessons to master them.
  • Convenient – Regardless of your location, you can enroll for TESDA online courses.

Through the TESDA Online Program, there’s always a better way to learn new skills.

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