Home Guides Why You Should Not Use Water Bottles For Disinfectants

Why You Should Not Use Water Bottles For Disinfectants

Why You Should Not Use Water Bottles For Disinfectants
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A medical group reminded that people should not put their alcohol and disinfectant in water bottles. Put a label in the bottle where you will put the disinfectant. Keep the disinfectant out of children’s reach. Put it in a safe place and away from your kids.

The Philippine Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hematology and Nutrition posted a special reminder last March 27. They informed the netizens to not use water bottles as disinfectant containers. Kids may think that the liquid inside the bottle is actually water. Do not put the lives of your family members in danger.

This is a warning after news about drinking the bleach accidentally because the person thought it is water. The medical group said many hospitals are filled with COVID-19 patients and they don’t want people being poisoned by bleach solution.

The medical group gave 3 friendly reminders to netizens.

  1. Put a proper label in the disinfectant container.
  2. Put the disinfectant in higher places and out of reach.
  3. Do not use bottles of soft drink, mineral water and iced tea as alcohol and disinfectant container.

The advisory received positive comments from the public. One commenter thanked the medical group and said many people are doing that. Another commenter shared that he experienced drinking water with soap because it is inside a water cup. One commenter said that they are putting a label in the container, so they will not make a mistake.

The Philippines is facing a serious problem due to coronavirus. The public are doing their best to follow the rules and sanitize their homes. They are cleaning their belongings and their house using disinfectant like bleach or alcohol. They sometimes use the water bottles as a container for disinfectant. To prevent any accidents and poisoning, we advise the public to properly label the disinfectant.


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