Home Public Info 100-Days Maternity Leave with Pay Approved by the Congress

100-Days Maternity Leave with Pay Approved by the Congress

100-Days Maternity Leave with Pay Approved by the Congress
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Recently, the House Bill No. 4113 had passed the final reading in the Congress with 191-0-0 votes. This proposed bill that increases the number of paid 100-days maternity leave of working women will be forwarded to the bicameral conference committee.

In case that this House Bill will be approved into law, both the government and private sector will benefit from it. The current paid maternity leave is 60-days and once approved, women workers will enjoy additional of 40-days.

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This bill was drafted by both the House of the Representative and the Senate. The main objective of this bill is to allow the mother to spend extended quality time with the newborn. It will also give time to the mother to be fully recovered after giving birth. The authors of this bill emphasized that such period is significant for the baby and the mother.

According to Herrera-DY, the chairperson of the House Committee on Women and Gender Equality, the House Bill 4113 will cover all working women regardless of the status. It is also applicable whether for miscarriage or childbirth.

However, in spite of the willingness to help, the benefit of this bill is only applicable up to the fourth pregnancy. This means that on the fifth pregnancy, the 60-days paid maternity leave will apply. Additionally, Rep. Edcel Lagman had proposed an amendment to penalize employers that will discriminate against women.


Likewise, Alfredo Vargas III of Quezon City that allowing the mother to extend her maternity leaves will reduce the cases of mortality among infants. It’s because the mother can stay and care for her baby for longer periods. It also gives more time to practice breastfeeding that is essential to both the infant and the mother.

Aside from the paid maternity leave that the company will provide, active members of SSS are also entitled to receive the daily maternity benefit according to the average monthly salary credit within 100 days.

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