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How to Withdraw your Pag-IBIG Funds Contributions

How to Withdraw your Pag-IBIG Funds Contributions
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Are you a member of Pag-IBIG or the Home Development Mutual Fund? Good news because the agency gave assurance that the members can withdraw or refund the TAV or the total accumulated savings. The TAV is consists of the member’s total annual dividend earnings, employer counterpart share, and the monthly savings.

However, before you can make your withdrawal of your Pag-IBIG Funds Contributions make sure that you qualify the criteria and the requirements for claim.

Membership maturity

To qualify for the TAV’s refund, the member should have 240 monthly contributions. However, for POP or Pag-IBIG Overseas Program members, the maturity of membership is either five, ten, fifteen, or twenty years.

Permanent Insanity or Total Disability

If the member is suffering the following cases of disabilities:

  • If the disability lasts for over 120 days
  • Complete loss of sight (both eyes)
  • Permanent complete paralysis of both limbs
  • Loss of both the limbs or if amputated above the wrist or ankle
  • Brain injury resulting to insanity or permanent imbecility
  • If the total disability is pronounced by a licensed physician


The member has retired from work upon reaching the age of 65 or a minimum of 45 years old. He or she can opt to make refunds upon actual retirement for GSIS, SSS, or other retirements/provident plan.

Termination from work due to health reason

A member who was terminated from work due to health reason is qualified to apply for a refund of TAV from Pag-IBIG Fund.


If the member dies, the benefits will be among the legal heirs pursuant to the New Civil Code.


Basic requirements for making a claim for Pag-IBIG Funds Contributions

  • Fill out the Application for Provident Benefits Claim
  • Valid ID card (with signature and photo) and the member’s Pag-IBIG Transaction Card
  • Government employees must present the Service Record
  • For members of the AFP, a Statement of Service is required

Additional requirements may be requested for the following conditions:

If the member dies, additional requirements should be presented including the following:

  • Death certificate issued by PSA or NSO
  • The acknowledged legal heirs should present the notarized Proof of Surviving Legal Heirs
  • All the children acknowledged must present certified true copy of birth certificate issued by the PSA or baptismal or confirmation certificate
  • The claimant is required to submit the following:
  • Member’s/claimant’s PSA issued birth certificate
  • Member’s/claimant’s baptismal or confirmation certificate
  • A certificate of no marriage or CENOMAR should be presented if the member is single
  • If married, a Marriage Contract of the member should be submitted

If the reason for claiming the refund is due to permanent total disability due to a health condition, the member is required to present the medical or clinical abstract as well as the physician’s certificate.

In case of retirement, the following documents should be presented:

  • Birth certificate issued by PSA/NSO ( certified true copy)
  • Certificate of Early Retirement ( private employees should have rendered at least 45 years)
  • A government employee must submit the GSIS Retirement Voucher
  • For members of AFP, must submit Order of Retirement
  • In case there’s no available birth certificate, the member must present notarized Joint Affidavit of Two Disinterested Persons and certified true copy of Non-Availability of Birth Record

If the member will migrate to another country, the following should be presented:

  • Sworn Declaration of Intention to Depart from the Philippines Permanently (notarized)

Photocopy of passport along with either the Residence Visa/Immigrant Visa/Settlement Visa or any of its equivalent

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