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What were you capable of doing when you were just eight years old? Perhaps, all you know back when you were a kid was to eat, play, sleep, and study.

This boy named Wayne Macadaag, as young as eight years old, already shows extraordinary skills in cooking.  He can deliciously cook some famous Pinoy dishes such as Bicol express, bangus humba, chicken curry, and adobong pusit in coconut milk.

As you can see in some of his photos, you will notice that he personally prepares all the things, and you can judge that it’s not the first time he has done these things.

Because of this rare skill found on a kid, he has earned praise on social media. Many people say that he would indeed have a brighter future ahead as a chef if he wants to pursue his passion for cooking later on.

This is indeed a blessing from God as what one netizen said, “Surely, this kid has a God-given talent in cooking. Go on kid with what you are doing. When you grow up, this will lead you to a successful life”.  

Although some gave apprehensions about the idea that it might cause danger to the kid, he can get a burn from the fire when cooking. But to some, this thought and doubts have prevented other kids from learning how to cook and were carried on until adult age.

“Wow Galing naman! Lalo sa panahon ngayon na Mas Marami na ang Spoiler na Magulang/Guardian kaya Mas Maraming Tamad na Kabataan. Gusto din tlg nya kaya dn cgro pinagaralan nya nagobserve at nagpaturo sa parents/guardian nya. Little Chef nakz nmn! Tuloy2 mo yan bhe. ikakaunlad mo yan paglaki mo for sure. Blessed ang family mo to have u. basta wag p dn pababayaan ang skul ha! Pakabait lagi and Godbless u!” commented by another netizen.

This boy must have been a great help for his family, at his very young age.

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