Home News Viral 9-Year-Old Boy to Sell His School Medals Online To Help His Family.

9-Year-Old Boy to Sell His School Medals Online To Help His Family.

9-Year-Old Boy to Sell His School Medals Online To Help His Family.
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I have watched and read a lot of interesting articles online. Write-ups and videos about people helping other people especially in this time of coronavirus pandemic. Most of the articles I have read online are about grown-ups and mature people, but today we feature a story about a boy who inspired many people online.

A 9-year-old smart kid made a lot of people smile because of his moving story. This young boy is really smart, the medals and awards are proof of his good performance in school.

Kenneth Pangilinan, 9 years old, was ready to sell his medals for P20 each just to help his family because his mother lost her job. This young boy posted a live video on Facebook, selling his medals even though it was really sad on his part. These lines made a lot of people online said:

‚ÄúDahil mahirap buhay lockdown wala trabaho si mama. Matagal na kmi tinalikudan ng papa ko kaya para makatulong kay mama benta ko po tangi kong yaman.”

Kenneth’s mother lost her job and is also sick, so he decided to just sell his awards thinking that it would help them with their daily needs. A lot of netizens saw the video online and felt sad and inspired at the same time. Kapuso Mo Jesicca Soho also had a chance to watch the video and invited Kenneth to share his story on television.

People sent many donations to their tiny house in Cubao, Quezon City. Good samaritans like Pinky Menor Encapas and Dr. Khristian Santos was moved by his story and sent Kenneth’s family donations. Pinky gave groceries and electric fan, while Dr. Santos, an online seller, and a frontliner gave Kenneth a laptop. KMJS also provided Kenneth with an internet connection so he can continue with his online classes.

Kenneth is such an inspiration to many people because of his maturity in dealing with family issues at a very young age. How about you? What sacrifices are you willing to do for your family?


Watch the video online:

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