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Business Tycoon Manny Pangilinan’s Hongkong Escape Looks Like

Business Tycoon Manny Pangilinan’s Hongkong Escape Looks Like
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Ahh, to be rich and famous! It’s the life that many of us wish to be enjoying. But we can only experience it if we work hard enough, get lucky, and in many instances, be born rich.

Manny Pangilinan rose to fame when he acquired Philippine local channel TV5. Many people learned more about him when he also became the owner of PLDT and other big companies. But his private life has remained a secret. Yet, we’re all curious. Now, we can all take a glimpse of his private sanctuary in Hong Kong.

His elegant abode is in Hong Kong’s prime location. It’s his getaway when stress and the demands of his career are overtaking him. It’s where he can relax and put on comfortable clothes.

Having Chinese blood, Manny follows the principles of Feng Shui to heart. He invited a Feng Shui adviser and an interior designer in HK to help him with the house plan. They used beige as the main color theme of the house. The color stands for stability and nourishment. It also mirrors Manny’s craving for a laidback atmosphere.

The apartment enjoys natural lighting through big windows and faces Victoria Harbour. It lets him and his guests enjoy the view of the skyline from this location. According to Mr. MVP himself, he doesn’t like rooms without windows.

The living and sitting areas are next to each other to accommodate guests. Of course, it’s not a rich man’s sanctuary without artworks. So, abstract paintings and one from painter Ivan Acuna dominates MVP’s HK apartment.

Pangilinan’s apartment has an office. The guy is a workaholic and admits that he sometimes brings his work at home. Not even a guy like Pangilinan can resist the spectacular view of the city. He shares that it feels nice to work at home when he’s looking at a beautiful view.

His office table and chair are in complementing styles, made of dark wood and leather. It’s very minimalist. There are only a few items on top like Pangilinan’s personalized nameplate, a  jade figurine, and a Buddha statue.

As with the dining area, the cherry-red wooden theme makes this part even more elegant. The table is pure wood while the chairs are a combination of wood and upholstery. You could see the kitchen through the dining. There is a counter that also has tall chairs. It has the same design as the dining chairs.

Despite following Feng Shui, Pangilinan also has some religious angel figurines and rosaries by Lladro, which is a Spanish brand of elegant porcelain figurines. He also has a statuette of Our Lady of Manaoag.

The master bedroom looks like a suite in a 5-star hotel. All the pieces are elegant and modern design. There’s a huge TV accentuated by two tall and slim lamps. Under the TV is a console where some figurines and books are on top. The middle part houses other gadgets. Pangilinan can sleep very well with his comfy king size bed with padded headboard. He has two side tables with lamps and other knick-knacks.

James Bond would envy Pangilinan’s walk-in closet. The room is full of his suit collections. There’s an area for his long-sleeved shirts, shoes, and other essentials. The organized closet is very impressive. Everything is arranged per kind. Pangilinan won’t have a hard time picking what to use.

The apartment has two guestrooms, though he doesn’t often have guests who sleepover. Many of his books are in the first guestroom. It’s an inviting space since there’s also a huge window by the bed. This guestroom is perfect for a booklover. The second guestroom is simpler. It also has a window and two side tables with some framed photos.

There you have it! This is the elegant vacation home of Manny Pangilinan.  What are your thoughts? Please share in the comments.

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