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Since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, people have been very innovative in finding ways to make a living and something that can alleviate the struggle of looking for food every day. Some have been engaging in various online businesses of selling essentials such as food, clothing, selling of face masks, face shields, alcohol, sanitizers, etc.

Besides online selling, one fad that has been liked by many people even before the pandemic took place is sustainable gardening.  Some choose to grow flowering plants, ornamentals, while others prefer growing their own vegetables, herbs, and fruits, especially when going outside of homes is restricted.

photo credit to New Normal: The Survival Guide | Facebook

According to a saying, “The most sustainable way is to not make things. The second most sustainable way is to make something very useful, to solve a problem that hasn’t been solved.”

A post from a Facebook page, The New Normal Survival Guide, impressed netizens because a family could put up a garden, not on the ground but on their rooftop. It’s quite peculiar, but this rooftop gardening is a useful and helpful alternative in the absence of space to grow your garden.

photo credit to New Normal: The Survival Guide | Facebook

Since some people barely own a land except for the space where their house stands, roof gardening can serve as an alternative where you can grow potted plants or plants in a dish, just like what Tatay Buboy and his family did.

They made use of old plastic containers to grow pechay, lettuce, and some Chinese roses on the photos. It can also be seen in the pictures that a water pipe and hose were used to reach the rooftop to water the plants.

The vegetables look healthy and very ideal for consumption because they are free from any chemicals. They are grown naturally receiving much sunlight in the day since they are at the rooftop and there is no need to water them when the rains come.

GARDEN SA BUBONG?!Ito ang urban garden sa bubong ng ating Kapuso na si Buboy na sinimulan niya noong March. Ang ganda 'no? Patingin din kami ng garden ninyo, mga Kapuso!#HomeWork

Posted by New Normal: The Survival Guide on Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Many netizens were encouraged and impressed to do what Tatay Buboy and his family did amidst this pandemic.

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