Home Lifestyle Amazing Splendid Modern Two-story ‘Bahay-Kubo’ with Filipino Native Furniture

Amazing Splendid Modern Two-story ‘Bahay-Kubo’ with Filipino Native Furniture

Amazing Splendid Modern Two-story ‘Bahay-Kubo’ with Filipino Native Furniture
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The “bahay-kubo” or nipa hut dwelling is one unique part of Filipino culture. It is often associated with farm living, and simple life in the provinces. It is often built out of indigenous materials, like wood and leaves and provides a cool ambiance.

Beyond the traditional bahay-kubo commonly known by everyone, a masterpiece from Architect Carby Jason G. Osorio, has brought the simple dwelling into a new level.

This house is a kubo-inspired work perfect for tropical setting and would also be best built near the beach since the materials cannot easily become rusty.

From the outside, you will see this two-story house has a flat slope roofing that looks modern.  It has wooden bamboo (amakan) cladding on the second floor which makes it looks unique and native. Adding to its elegant look are glass sliding windows.

What will surprise you more is the interior that is filled with elegance and soul-refreshing ambiance! In the receiving area, there is a white couch with green, brown, and old white color. There is a huge flat-screen TV standing on a wooden cabinet that also functions as a shelve. There is a round center table made of native materials.

In the dining area just beside the receiving area that also serves as the living room, there are chairs that are made of woods and look very artistic, paired with a glass table. There is a wooden counter with wooden storage attached on the upper part of the wall of the dining area.

There are wooden light fittings on the ceiling on each area. The kitchen has modern appliances, but they still have the touch of native theme use of wood cabinets.

The house has two bedrooms that are very inviting. There is one loft bedroom being a favorite part of this home. This bedroom on the second floor is white-themed, from curtains to furniture, and bed. It has a reading nook at the egg-styled hammock hanging from the ceiling. It does not have a wall from the interiors, creating an open room that looks out to the floor below and also has huge windows creating a view of the beautiful gardens outside the house.

The bathroom looks very elegant with wood-themed walls.  It has a shower and a rectangular washbasin.

See the video here from C.O Architectural Studio

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