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Manila – The Aviation Regulators have issued new guidelines on Wednesday on the prohibited items in check-in and hand-carry items in the baggage of travelers. Changes were made for the new standards that were set by the International Civil Aviation Organization as seen in the Facebook post of the Office for Transportation Security. The list was made to expand the coverage of the prohibited items and these include chemicals and toxic substances that are usually carried by suspected terrorists that aim to harm the people all over the world.

Some of the items that can’t be brought by passengers when traveling;

  • Lighter
  • Vinegar
  • Paint
  • Insect repellant spray

Liquid items will be limited to 100 ml. but this will be subject to the instructions from the airlines. The ban of liquid products by Aviation securities started after a group of terrorists were caught carrying liquid explosives via a flight to Northern America. This happened in 2006.

According to Arturo Evangelist, administrator of the Office Transportation Security, security is invariable and the public was urged to avoid bringing the items that have been prohibited in airports to avoid hassle and delays. He further stressed out that if a passenger is not sure whether an item they will be carrying is prohibited or allowed, they can contact them through SMS Hotline, email, or on any of their official accounts on social media. He advised future travelers that what they’re planning to bring with them isn’t important, it should just be left at home. In this way, they would be avoiding trouble for themselves and they should avoid being hard-headed.

The regulation may have earned some negative remarks but a traveler has to realize that this move by the International Civil Aviation Organization will be preventing the onset of danger to future travelers.


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