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Different Kinds of Filipino During Pay Day

Different Kinds of Filipino During Pay Day
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Nowadays, every cent counts. Times are hard and the prices of commodities keep on increasing. Aside from the basic need of the family, there are other bills to pay such as utility bills and tuition fees, among others. For Pinoys who are minimum wage earners, it really won’t be enough although some know how to budget their salary well. Sometimes, it would be surprising to see someone earning a higher salary but can’t manage the expenses well while the one who earns much lower can even save up a small amount of money. How is that? It’s because there are different kinds of Pinoys and here they are;

Ideal Child – This is the kind of Pinoy who have a list of priorities. The bills are taken care of come payday and there is a certain amount set aside for the parents. This kind of Pinoy is the thriftiest and almost the entire salary is spent on the needs of the family.

Challenger – This is the kind who wants to save up for something that has been a long-time dream; appliances, furniture, gadgets, or travel. This is the type that starts an “ipon challenge”. Try to avoid saving up coins because it is now prohibited.

Sweet Lover –These are the kind of Pinoy who are thrifty on their needs but very willing to spend for their partner. They never run out of ways to surprise their partners to show their love.

Advance Thinkers – These are the ones who know where their salary will go even before they receive it. It’s because they owe a lot of people money. Surprisingly, even if they are just about to pay their debts, they are already thinking about where to borrow money again.

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Shopaholic – They are the ones who always have a delivery from online shops. They spend a lot on online shopping and get hooked on it because of the freebies and free shipping policy.

Stockholder – These are the kind of Pinoys who dream big. They prepare for the future by investing in stocks. It may be risky but they are willing to gamble so that their money will earn and they will have something saved up once they reach retirement age.

Foodie – These are the Pinoys who love eating out. They are the ones who never fail to try the newest food craze. They are the ones that spend most of their money on Korean foods and milk tea which happen to be the latest food trend.

Traveler – This is the kind of Pinoy who always book a trip once their salary is about to be released. This is the type who always waits for “Piso Fare” and is always on the go.

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