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Celebrities We did not Know that are Related to Each Other

Celebrities We did not Know that are Related to Each Other
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Showbiz enthusiasts think that most of the time, they already know everything about their favorite celebrities. But not everyone knows that some celebrities are related to a fellow celebrity.

Regine Velazquez and Ai-Ai delas Alas

Regine know as Asia’s Song Bird and Ai Ai also known as Comedy Queen in our country. These two famous celebrities are cousins-in-law. Ai-Ai is Ogie Alcasid’s cousin.

President Corazon Aquino and Sophie Albert

The beautiful fresh faces Sophie is a grand daughter of former President, Corazon C. Aquino. The mother of her dad is a sister of Pres. Aquino. This means also that Sophie Albert is related with Kris Aquino.

Sharon Cuneta and Faith Cuneta

They’re second cousins. According to Faith her inspiration while growing up,  is no other than Sharon Cuneta.

Coco Martin and Maine Mendoza

They’re distant relatives and only learned about it during of their family reunion.

Gloria Diaz and Georgina Wilson

Georgina is niece of Miss Universe Gloria Diaz, Georgina’s mother is the sister of Gloria.

Susan Roces and Sheryl Cruz

Sheryl’s mom is the sister of Susan Roces. This makes her Susan’s niece.

Lorna Tolentino and ZsaZsa Padilla

Zsa-Zsa Padilla and Rap’s mother, Lorna Tolentino, are cousins, as well as Rap Fernandez and Karylle Yuzon are 2nd cousins too.

KC Concepcion and Ciarra Sotto

KC is the niece of Ciarra since her mother is the aunt of megastar, Sharon Cuneta.

Gretchen Fullido and Marco Gumabao

Gretchen and Marco are first cousins. Marco’s dad is the brother of Gretchen’s mom.

Daniel Padilla and Antonio Aquitania

Antonio is Karla Estrada’s first cousin. This makes Daniel his nephew.

Eula Valdes and Paulo Ballesteros

Paulo is Eula’s nephew. Her mother is the sister of Paulo’s aunt.

Tirso Cruz III and Rodjun Cruz

Tirso’s the uncle of Rodjun.

Zoren Legaspi and Dani Barretto

Dani is the niece of Zoren because she’s the daughter of his brother, Kier Legaspi.

Mickey Ferriols and Jackie Forster

They are half-siblings.

Maja Salvador and Philip Salvador

Philip is the uncle of Maja. His brother is Maja’s dad.

Franco Laurel and Denise Laurel

They are the great-grandchildren of former President Jose P. Laurel.

Daria Ramirez and Kempee de Leon

Ex wife of Joey De Leon was Daria and she is the mother of Kempee.

Sid Lucero and Gina Alajar

Sid is the son of Mark Gil whose brother, Michael de Mesa is the former husband of Gina Alajar. He is Gina’s nephew.

Dindong Dantes, Arthur Solinap, and Carlo Gonzales

They are cousins

Jackielou Blanco and Janine Gutierrez

Janine’s the niece of Jackielou since she is the daughter of Monching Gutierrez. Monching is Jackielou’s brother.

Kylie Padilla and Daniel Padilla

Their fathers are brothers so this makes them cousins.

Inigo Pascual and Benjamin Alves

They’re cousins since Piolo is the uncle of Benjamin.

Sofia Andres and Bruno Gabriel

They are cousins and Bruno revealed that they are close to each other even though they seldom see each other.

Dingdong Dantes and Paul Salas

The young actor is the nephew of Dingdong.

Ces Quesada and Martin del Rosario

Martin is the nephew of veteran actress Ces Quesada.


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