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How to Avoid Errors on the Birth Certificate of Your Child

How to Avoid Errors on the Birth Certificate of Your Child
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A birth certificate is one of the documents that can prove the identity of an individual. That’s why it is essential for anyone to have a copy of this document. There are instances when the entries or the details in the birth certificate have errors such as the spelling of the name or the date of birth.

You should be aware that some of the errors need a lawyer’s assistance, while others are reparable. The errors can cause hassle especially when you need a copy of the birth certificate for employment or other purposes. That’s why as much as possible you should prevent making errors upon your child’s registration.

Here are some of the common errors in the birth certificate:

Using the father’s surname is allowed even if the parents are not married. As stated in the Republic Act 9255, the parents must submit the following documents upon registration of birth:

  • Affidavit of Admission of Paternity with the signature of the father affixed on the document
  • Private handwritten instrument expressing the will of the father to recognize the child for a lifetime. The handwritten instrument must be signed by the father
  • Affidavit to use the surname of the father. It should be accomplished and signed by the father

Through the affidavit attached on the birth certificate of the child, he or she has the right to use the last name of his or her father.

If the parents are married, the following documents must be presented to the Local Civil Registrar:

  • Marriage Contract issued by the PSA
  • Photocopies of any valid ID

The parents must file the Certificate of Live Birth to the Local Civil Registrar within 30 days from birth. Failure to register the birth of your child within the given period it will be considered as “Late Registered.” The LCR will ask for additional documents.

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It is important to decide the baby’s name ahead of time and make sure you know the correct spelling of the name. Give the correct spelling of the name of your baby to the attending medical staff. Never attempt to fill out forms if there’s still an effect of anesthesia to avoid typo errors and other mistakes in the entries.

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