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When passion and compassion meet, there is nothing impossible. This pandemic might shake the world, and the continuous global crisis on the economy is still causing struggles to people’s daily lives, but humanity and kindness still prevail.

One most affected by this pandemic is the education sector. Both students and teachers were greatly affected, as learning will be limited. No more face to face classes should occur unless there will be a vaccine to be given to the public, and the students will also be safe.

Despite these limitations, the government, together with the cooperation of the educators, have devised ways on how to still push with teaching the students. Some have started online classes, while others opted for a modular system where learning materials are printed and distributed to each student.

In Aguascalientes city, there are many cases of people who got positive of the coronavirus; thus, the government opened classes only through online setups or virtual classes. However, not everyone can afford to buy gadgets to be used for the said new normal classes conducted virtually.

Teachers are not just educators; they treat their students as their children; that is why some teachers worry so much that their students won’t be able to learn well this year.

A teacher named Nay Esp is one of the best teachers not because she is the smartest of all teachers but because she extended her personal money just to buy learning materials for her students knowing that some of them cannot afford to continue with their studies due to lack of money for the internet connection and buying of gadgets.

More than that, Nay Esp drives to her students’ place and spends hours on each student to ensure that she is teaching them well despite the challenging setup.

Nay Esp may not get extra pay for her job; nevertheless, she is genuinely happy and fulfilled being able to perform her duty well at all costs.

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