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Venturing into any kind of business requires one’s creativity, innovation, and that factor that will make you stand out among the rest of your competitors. No matter you are into private business, partnership, small scale, or a large enterprise, your main goal is to market and gain revenue.

However, one unique story of a woman who sells her house captured the attention of many people online.

A 31-year old single mother, Ayu Novi Astiana, from West Bandung, Indonesia made a very catchy caption on her Facebook post selling their house. It says on her post that she is selling the house and along with the purchase is a “freebie” referring to herself and her two kids.

Ayu Novi and her husband got their divorced finalized last May, but she got to keep the house and their two daughters. But she did not disclosed the reason behind their divorce.

It might sound funny or unbelievable, but Ayu said that it is a legit selling if someone really decides to seriously close her deal.

“The idea came from my neighbor who said that since I wanted to sell my house, why not just find a husband at the same time? I was embarrassed at first but then after thinking about it, why not give it a try?” Ayu Novi explained.

The two-story house stands at a 52-sqm floor area, which cost IDR250 million or approximately Php823,000. She hopes that there will be a responsible, and loving man who will accept her offer and will also accept her family as well.

“I wanted to sell this house to fund my business and as savings for my children. If the buyer ended up being someone that is compatible with me, why not he become my husband as well?” Ayu explained.

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