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Breakups or divorce can shatter your life for a while, more so if you have children. It is not easy waking up in the realization that you’re on your own; you’ll be solely in charge with the kids. Of course, with regards to this, it may be a different scenario if partners are both willing to take responsibility. But then, another painful part of a breakup is the hurt that the children will feel. It isn’t easy to come from a broken family. The fact that the separation occurred meant that something went wrong along the way. There might have been an issue of infidelity or money matters. The relationship has ended in a sour note and most of the time, it will be hard to be friends again with the ex-partner. These celebrities have managed to stay friends even after a painful breakup.

Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion

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Their love team became the biggest one in the 80s. They had several blockbuster movies and their fans got excited when their on-screen romance turned into reality and eventually ended up in marriage. Their fairy tale relationship was one of the most celebrated in the history of Philippine showbiz. KC Concepcion was the beautiful product of their union.

Sadly though, after a few years of marriage, they got separated. They may have a hard time becoming friends again then but to date, they are friends again according to Gabby.

Janice de Belen and Aga Muhlach

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Their teen romance didn’t have a happily ever after. The then young actress got pregnant and after giving birth to their son, Igi Boy, they separated. The child was left in the care and responsibility of Janice de Belen.

The two ex-couple are friends now and they consult each other when it comes to their son. They are now grandparents. Igi Boy is now a proud father of 2 girls. He is a chef by profession.

Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago

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This ex-partners parted ways in a not so peaceful manner. They had a public feud in the past but today, they have become good friends again. Claudine said that though they failed as husband and wife, they don’t want to fail as parents to their two children, Sabina and Santino. They practice co-parenting. They have decided to drop the court cases they filed against each other.

Vicki Belo and Atom Henares

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Vicki Belo’s first husband was Atom Henares and they have two children, Quark and Cristalle Henares. Despite the separation, the ex-couple have remained good friends. Vicki’s daughter, Scarlet, calls her ex-husband papa.

Michelle Van Eimeren and Ogie Alcasid

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Even though infidelity on Ogie’s part was the reason for their divorce, the ex-couple have remained good friends. Even Ogie’s new wife, Regine, is friends with Michelle.

Michelle and her husband now are one of the godparents of Nate, Regine and Ogie’s son.

Jennylyn Mercado and Patrick Garcia

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Their relationship ended on a sour note while Jennylyn was still pregnant with Alex Jazz, their son. They went through nasty issues at that time. For the sake of their son, they have become good friends now. Jennylyn is even friends with Patrick’s wife, Nikka.

Karla Estrada and Rommel Padilla

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They’re the parents of one of the most famous matinee idol of this generation, Daniel Padilla. The two have remained good friends even after they broke up. Rommel can freely joke about getting jealous when Karla has a new love interest. Karla said that Rommel is still protective. Rommel also said that whenever he gets a chance to be near Karla, he teases her to make her feel excited.


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