Home Lifestyle Former “Kasambahay” Turns Her Life Around, Becomes a Successful Businesswoman

Former “Kasambahay” Turns Her Life Around, Becomes a Successful Businesswoman

Former “Kasambahay” Turns Her Life Around, Becomes a Successful Businesswoman
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This former kasambahay experienced a lot of stress in her life but she turned things around when she found the right product to sell. Charina Bitas or Cha for short was interviewed by Karen Davila in her business show “My Puhunan”. The former kasambahay who came from Bohol and relocated to Laguna to help her parents earn money is now a successful businesswoman. Cha and her parents all moved to a squatter’s area in Laguna looking for a better life. That didn’t end well though when her father can only find a job as a carpenter and her mother, a kasambahay (maid). She wanted to help her family so she also applied as a kasambahay.

The October 2, 2019 episode of “My Puhunan” inspired a lot of people. Her job paved the way for her to meet her husband who is a company manager and owns a lending business. All good things come to an end though when their lending business went bankrupt. Customers begin missing payments.

This became the reason for her stress. Freckles and pimples started forming on her face and before she knew it, her face was peppered with these conditions that disappointed her.

She made her sister tell her the secret formula to retain her youthful glow and vanish all the spots that were left. She was satisfied with the soap and this sparked an idea to sell beauty products. She started offering the products herself to all the people she knows and other people she met.

She would walk around looking for potential customers she can sell her products to. Her hard work and dedication paid off. She earned a lot from the beauty products and her life began to change. She earned more than she imagined so she was able to build a house and buy other things. Her story amazed people since the story got aired.

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