Home Tech Entertainment See Beautiful Bea Alonzo and Her Posh House in Quezon City

See Beautiful Bea Alonzo and Her Posh House in Quezon City

See Beautiful Bea Alonzo and Her Posh House in Quezon City
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There’s no stopping Bea Alonzo from reaching the best in life. She just shared her Quezon City house in a magazine column. The designer of the house, Jeizele delos Reyes-Go narrated how Bea requested a sophisticated, cozy, Asian look that features a “bling factor” and a hotel-feel theme for her lavish abode. She wanted to combine modern and traditional design aesthetic which Reyes-Go successfully delivered. This is the Modern Look of Bea’s House.


Electrical wire fences and steel gates greet Bea every time she comes home from a busy day. Her house is huge and if you’re a spectator, you’ll see that as soon as you stand in front of the house. The house screams “notice me”. It features stacked wood cubes that make the property look even more expensive.

Living Area


Upon entering the house, a “quilted look” cowhide area rug greets visitors. There’s a small foyer with a crystal chandelier and a wall laden with mosaic tiles made of mother of pearl from HM Trading Philippines. Bea’s sofas are all in white and from Origins Home Furniture Shop located in Makati City. There are a baby grand piano and a Michael Cacnio metal sculpture in a colorful design. The piano and sculpture complete the look of the living room. Other touches in the living area are a chandelier plus an abstract painting by the great Arturo Luz who is a National Artist for Visual Arts.

Powder Room


Bea’s house is as classy as her. It has a powder room meant for someone beautiful and stylish as she is. The room has some gold mosaic tiles which make it regal. It also has a carved mirror which adds not only sparkle but also character to the room.

Dining Area

The dining is the area of the house that looks more traditional but still with modern touches. It has a 10-seater dining table that features customized tufted chairs with metal details. Acacia wood was used for the dining table. The table’s edges remain rough to provide rustic charm. The based is also filled with mirror panels so there’s the modern touch. There is a crystal chandelier on top of the table which they got from Victoria Mondiale.



The kitchen is an all-out modern room. It’s made of modern design and uses modern appliances like the fridge, microwave, and more. There’s also an ice cream maker and an espresso machine. Reyes-Go shared that the cabinets are customized and are in “high-gloss white laminates with subtle wooden color accents.” There’s also a small corner in the kitchen where Bea’s family can have breakfast or quick meals.

Home Office

Bea’s got a home office in blue. It’s a mix of modern and traditional design. A LED TV and a Mac desktop computer take the form of modern touches. On the other hand, the manual typewriter and the phonography represent the old. Both are from Heima.

There’s a blue ottoman, a couch, and a swivel office chair in the room. All are made especially for this house by Origins Home Furniture and come in “tufted backrest”. The focal point of the room ais the set of black and white photos of Bea taken by Mark Nicdao. It shows Bea in different poses and presents her in the many points of her life.

Walk-In Closet

Bea’s walk-in closet symbolizes how stylish she is. It’s the room for her clothes. There’s another room for her bags and shoes. There’s also a cabinet in the middle of her walk-in for accessories.

A chandelier that is present in many areas in her house can also be found here. This chandelier is from Lifestyle Muebles. Her shoe and bag collection is extensive with brands like Tory Burch, Gucci, Prade, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, YSL, and Christian Louboutin.

Entertainment Area

According to Bea, this is their “second living room”. It’s on the third floor and the biggest room on that floor. She mentioned that this is their favorite room. There’s an L-shaped sectional sofa, again, from Origins Home Furniture. There’s also a second cowhide area rug from Bo Concept.

Master Bathroom

The master bathroom belongs to Bea and this is where she indulges herself with long baths. Who wouldn’t with her sophisticated claw-foot tub? She makes the most of her bath through the palochina try where she can put some cup of tea, scented candles, and a book.


The indulgence doesn’t end there. There’s also a sauna and Bea was the one who chose to have this in her house. Having a sauna allows her to relax whenever she’s home.

Master Bedroom


Just like the master bathroom, the master bedroom also belongs to Bea. She sleeps peacefully on her customized queen bed that features a wingback headboard. Some heavy drapes allow Bea to sleep more in the morning. This room, too, has a chandelier.


House party, anyone? This pool is an inviting area of Bea’s house. Parties and get-togethers take place here. The combination of earth colors blue, green, and brown is well-used in this area. The pool comes in an irregular shape and has a waterfall. The waterfall serves as a Feng Shui application to bring good luck to the house.

Bea shared that the house is airy and light so it’s nice to come home to it. People can only dream of having a house like this but it won’t hurt to try. Bea deserves every amount of luck she’s getting now. She’s a hardworking actress and businesswoman, a good friend, and a decent and respectable person.

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