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List on How to Get Government-Issued IDs

List on How to Get Government-Issued IDs
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Government-issued IDs are essential for personal identification of an individual. There are several kinds of IDs issued by different government agencies. Holders can use the IDs to apply for a job or when having business transactions. Thus, it is essential to have these IDs.

For those 18 years old and above, here’s a guide on how to get any of the government-issued ID.


  • Gather the necessary documents required in getting the SSS. You can visit the official website of SSS for the complete list of requirements. The basic document is an original copy of the birth certificate from the PSA.
  • Visit the SSS website and complete the information asked in the online form. Provide an active email account where the link from the SSS will be sent. Make sure all the details in the online form are correct before you submit the form.
  • Click the button indicating “Generate SSS number.” Make sure to print a copy of the document that you will present to the SSS office.


  • Online registration is available if you will apply for Pag-IBIG ID. To register for membership, visit the official website of the agency. Provide all the details asked in the online registration.
  • Review all the entries before submitting the online form.
  • Wait for the Registration Tracking Number that you can use as a temporary number.


Applying for NBI clearance is a lot easier as you can do it online.

  • Register for a new account at the official website of NBI. After completing the online form, read carefully the Terms of Service and click the “I Agree” button.
  • Once your registration is activated, you will receive an account confirmation.
  • Request for an appointment. Prepare the valid ID that you will bring during the appointment. Choose your preferred date of appointment to get the clearance and the mode of payment.
  • After the payment, log in to your account in the NBI website and check if the payment has been posted. Take a screenshot of the form with the reference number readable and clear or save the copy of the form.
  • Bring two valid IDs declared during your online application as well as the official receipt during your appointment date.
  • Proceed to the biometrics and image capturing section for your pertinent information. You can get the clearance if you don’t have a “hit.” Otherwise, you will wait for a few more days before the clearance is released.


  • Visit the nearest PhilHealth office and ask for the PhilHealth Member Registration Form. Fill out the form and present two copies of 1×1 ID photos.
  • Bring your PSA birth certificate.


The Unified Multi-purpose ID is one of the recent types of government-issued ID. Here’s how you can get one.

  • Ask for an application form from the SSS office. Fill out the form and submit. Wait for the biometrics and photo taken.
  • You will receive your UMID card within 30 calendar days. Make sure to activate your UMID card at selected kiosks or directly at the SSS branch.

May this post can help you in getting any of the identification card issued by the government.

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