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Graduates with Honor can be Qualify in Civil Service Eligibility?

Graduates with Honor can be Qualify in Civil Service Eligibility?
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Good news for college students who graduated with honors! The Civil Service Commission said that those who graduated as cum laude, summa cum laude, and magna cum laude can apply for the HGE (Honor Graduate Eligibility). This eligibility applies to those who graduated from 1972-1973 and from then on. It should be a bachelor’s degree recognized by CHED. An applicant may also be a bachelor’s degree graduate in a state university which was approved by the Board of Trustees. Filipino citizens who graduated from a prestigious foreign school may also qualify as long as it was duly verified by the DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs). They may apply for the FSHGE (Foreign School Honor Graduate Eligibility)

According to the CSC, both the HGE and FSHGE are considered second level eligibilities which can earn the applicant 1st & 2nd level government positions. The HE grant is under with PD No. 907 which was issued on the 17th day of March 1976. The decree grants the honor graduates civil service eligibility for their instant inclusion in the public service in the hope that they will participate in public service and give civil service a better image. Along with PD No. 907, CSC Resolution No. 1302714 was issued by the Civil Service Commission so that the honor graduates from foreign schools may also be given the eligibility grant.

Requirements for Honor Graduates for Civil Service Eligibility:

  • Filipino Citizen
  • 18 yrs. of age
  • Has not been proven guilty of the offenses that are related to the demeanor of a civil service examination
  • Has not been proven guilty of any crime that involves disgraceful conduct, moral turpitude, addiction to drugs, and alcohol, and dishonesty
  • Has not been dismissed from government service for a reason

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Applications may be channeled through a CSC Regional Office. This is if an applicant is based on another region. Applications through the mail or courier are also accepted. Php200 is the amount to be paid for the filing of the application. Php300 should be paid once the application is approved.


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