Home Public Info Grandfather Kneeled and Prayed during the Cotabato Earthquake

Grandfather Kneeled and Prayed during the Cotabato Earthquake

Grandfather Kneeled and Prayed during the Cotabato Earthquake
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In times of despair especially during natural disasters, the best thing to do is keep your trust in the Lord and know that whatever happens, He will never forsake you. During the October 29, 2019 earthquake in Cotabato City, a grandfather was seen kneeling and praying. A netizen, Jim Bryan Dalida Faeldonia was able to take a photo of the man and he posted it on his Facebook account. One of his children, commented on the post saying that the man’s name is Maximino D. Rubi of Don Carlos, Bukidnon. The old man is going back to Don Carlos when the earthquake happened.

Photo via Jim Bryan Dalida Faeldonia | Facebook

The netizens admired the faith of the grandfather. He was able to show to everyone that when danger comes, the only one that will save you is the power of prayer. Some commented that when everything might seem to be hopeless, God will be there and people just have to keep on believing. Another one said that the greatest shield is prayer so everyone must never forget to keep on praying because it’s one of the supreme weapons that the Lord had given His children.

It can be recalled that on October 29, 2019, Cotabato was hit by an Intensity 6.6 earthquake which had caused millions of damages to buildings and infrastructures. Many people were wounded and there were deaths too. An earthquake is one of the most dreaded disasters that humans can experience.

It comes without a warning and it can hit really hard. It doesn’t only bring damage to properties but more so, it can claim the lives of people. Unlike in typhoons where it can be detected before hitting a certain region, there’s no device yet to detect that an earthquake will happen. There’s nothing people can do but just keep on praying.


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