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GSIS Accepting Scholarship Program for School Year 2019-2020

GSIS Accepting Scholarship Program for School Year 2019-2020
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The Government Service Insurance System or GSIS is a government agency that offers a scholarship program to its qualified members. If you are a member of this agency, you should take time reading this post so that you will know how to avail the scholarship program.

How can a member nominate GSIS scholar?

Active members of GSIS is eligible to nominate a scholar if the member has made six monthly premium payments. Here are some of the guidelines on how to qualify for the nomination process:

  • The nominating member must be working in the government in a permanent position for at least three years and an active member of GSIS upon the time of application.
  • The member must be receiving salary grade 24 or the equivalent job level.
  • Has a dependent who is an incoming freshman in college taking a 4 or 5-year course included in the priority courses identified by the CHED.
  • GSIS pensioners under the permanent total disability category and below 60 years old are qualified to nominate their dependent for a scholarship.

How to apply GSIS scholarship?

GSIS members who are qualified to nominate a scholar must secure the application form at the official website of the agency at www.gsis.gov.ph. Aside from the accomplished application form, the applicant must prepare other documents including the following:

  • Dependent’s birth certificate
  • The member must provide a certificate of employment

Other requirements are required for applicants under the category of Indigenous People, Solo Parent, and Person with a disability.

  • Endorsement attesting to the truthfulness of the claim of the applicant belonging to any of the abovementioned category issued by the head of the office or agency. The endorsement must be authenticated by the issuing agency.

Scholarship slots

About 400 slots are open for the GSIS scholarship program and will be awarded to the nominees with a lowest basic salary. However, the slot will be divided accordingly in every region. This means that every region will receive scholarship slots based on the following categories:

  • Category A – These are the applicants who will take 4 to 5-year courses
  • Category B – Applicants who will enroll in the priority courses identified by CHED

From the 400 slots, applicants from the abovementioned sectors will receive 40 scholarship slots. The allotted slots in a region with lesser applicants will be passed on to other nominees in other regions.

Selection process

  • The primary criteria to qualify for the GSIS scholarship program is that the applicant should have the least basic salary receive annually.
  • Qualified applicants will undergo a screening and ranking using the GSIS Member Service Profile database.
  • The first 200 slots will be released to the applicants under the category B and the 160 slots to qualified applicants from any category.
  • As mentioned above, the 40 slots are reserved to the combines sectors of IP, SP, and PWD.
  • Qualified applicants who die before the release of the scholarship grant can award the scholarship to her or his dependent.
  • Another criterion to qualify for the scholarship program is the length of service.
  • Only one slot will be awarded to a family whose parents are both members of GSIS and are both qualified applicants.
  • Only one nominee will be accepted every academic year. Likewise, it is not allowed for a member to nominate more than one dependent for a scholarship in the same AY.
  • Scholarship grantee must submit the required documents within 30 days after the list of qualifiers is published in a newspaper. Otherwise, the slot will be awarded to another qualified applicant living in the same region.

Submission of requirements

Qualified scholars must submit all the requirements within 30 days to the GSIS branch in every corresponding region.  The required documents are the following:

  • Information sheet along with 2 pcs. 2×2 ID photo
  • Enrolment assessment form if any

The scholarship grant will be forfeited if the scholar is unable to submit the requirements within the given period.

Duration of scholarship

The scholar will have the privilege to use the scholarship grant throughout the 4 or 5 years in school. The agency has the right to terminate the scholarship if the scholar would not follow the terms and conditions of the GSP as well as the rules and regulations implemented by the school.

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GSIS Scholarship benefits

Once granted with the GSIS scholarship, the student will enjoy the benefits listed below until he or she completed the course.

  • The scholar will receive the amount of Php40,000 every academic year that will cover the tuition fees and other miscellaneous expenses. However, summer classes are not included, and the scholar must finish the course in a regular term.
  • Php3,000 monthly stipend
  • Graduating with Latin honor, the scholar will receive a monetary incentive of Php50,000 for summa cum laude, Php30,000 for magna cum laude, and Php20,000 for cum laude.
  • A scholar who graduated with honors must submit the original or authenticated copy of certification from the school regarding the honors received.  The certification must be submitted to the GSIS Head Office or at the nearest GSIS Branch Office within six months after the graduation to receive the monetary incentive.

However, the payments for all the benefits will be forwarded to the school. For the stipend, the scholar can either get the amount from the GSIS Central Office or from the school.

It is the responsibility of the scholar to submit the authenticated copy of the grades along with the official receipts and school billing statement within 60 days after the enrollment to the GSIS branch office. The BO will forward the documents to the CSAPRFD for evaluation and know if the scholar has complied.  Failure to comply with the requirements would mean forfeiture of the claim for the specific billing period. On the other hand, the scholar may forward a written notice regarding the delay of submitting the requirements, but it will undergo evaluation from the CSAPRFD.

In case that the scholar initially paid the enrollment costs including the tuition fees and the miscellaneous fees, he or she can reimburse the amount after submitting the original copy of the billing/assessment statement, and the official receipt.

If the scholar is deemed no longer competent to receive the scholarship as determined by the school, the school must notify GSIS and a written notice will be issued to the scholar regarding the termination of scholarship.

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Terms and conditions


  • It is required that the scholar must enroll in the succeeding term after receiving the scholarship grant. Postponement of enrollment is not allowed unless the reason is not meritorious such as injury, sickness, a threat to safety and security, or transfer of residence.
  • For every term, the scholar must register for the full load stated in the curriculum. Taking load less than the required is not allowed unless the scholar will graduate on time.
  • In case the scholarship grantee enrolled in a non-accredited school and course identified by the GSIS during the first semester due to the delay of releasing the results, he or she can still avail the scholarship. But must transfer to the accredited school on the 2nd semester.

Shifting of courses

Shifting of course is allowed on the second year provided that the reason is valid, but still depends on the approval of the agency. Scholar under category B can shift a course included in the priority courses of CHED.

Transfer of school

Transfer of school is allowed only if there’s a threat to the safety and security of the family and if the family is moving or relocating. If approved, the scholar must ensure to complete the course as stated in the contract.

The contract shall be signed between the scholar or if the scholar is a minor, the parent or guardian, and the GSIS.

Other scholarships

The scholar can apply for another scholarship offered by GSIS, only if the previous scholarship grant was fully consumed. Bear in mind that the scholarship grant cannot be used by another person.

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