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How to Get PSA Birth Certificate

How to Get PSA Birth Certificate
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In the past, getting a copy of your PSA (Philippine Statistics Authority) birth certificate (previously called NSO birth certificate) would require long lines and long hours. It used to be such a waste of time. Nowadays, especially with the advancement of technology, you can get it without much hassle. This article will give you a complete guide on the requirements and steps in getting your birth certificate.

Birth Certificate Requirements

  • Php155 application fee
  • Birth Certificate Application Form
  • Valid ID of the document owner and if applicable, an ID of the requester (if a representative will get the document in your behalf)
  • Authorization letter if the requester is not the owner of the document, spouse parent, legal guardian or institution-in-charge (in the case of minors), and direct descendant

Three Ways to get PSA Birth Certificate

  • PSA Office
  • SM Business Center
  • Online

Steps in getting PSA Birth Certificate at the PSA Office

In this case, you will have to wait for the birth certificate and there will be quite a long line. The good news here is that your birth certificate will be released within the day. This will be to your advantage if you need the document at once. To avoid a very long line, don’t go on a Monday and try to be there very early so you will be done before lunchtime.

Step I

Fill-up an application form then submit it for assessment. The assessment officer will check the accuracy of the details and if your requirements are complete.

Step II

Go to the cashier then pay an application fee of Php155.00. This amount is for one copy only so prepare additional cash if you will get more than one copy of the document.

Step III

The last step is to wait for the release of your certificate at the next window. Check the certificate before leaving and ensure that all the details there are accurate. This is to avoid the inconvenience of going back for correction.

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Steps on how to get birth certificate online

You can say that this is the most convenient and easiest way to get the document. Whether you live outside the NCR (National Capital Region) or abroad; getting your birth certificate is possible. Just make sure that you will be dealing with the accredited websites;

  • ph (this is the former NSOhelpline.com)
  • com.ph

Step I

Go to any of the accredited PSA websites. Once you’re on the website, select the ORDER button then provide your details.

Step II

How much is a birth certificate?

Go to the accredited payment center or bank and pay the processing fee. This is a bit higher because it will also cover the delivery charges. It will cost Php330.00 per copy. You can use your credit card to pay online. You can also pay using your Bancnet card through an ATM. Other payment channels include; ECPay at 7-Eleven stores, over-the-counter in all Security Bank and Metrobank branches nationwide, and GCash.

Step III

Once your payment is confirmed, the document will be delivered within two to seven days depending on your location in the Philippines.

Steps in Getting PSA Birth Certificate in SM Business Centers

SM is now accredited to process PSA birth certificates. The release takes about seven days and the requirements are the same.

Step I

Fill-out the application form

Step II

Pay the application fee of Php155.00 per copy and Php25.00 for the service fee for each copy.

Step III

You can claim the document at the releasing section. If your representative will be getting for you, remind him/her to bring a valid ID and authorization letter from you.

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