Home Government Services How to Find TESDA Housekeeping Training Schools in Your Location

How to Find TESDA Housekeeping Training Schools in Your Location

How to Find TESDA Housekeeping Training Schools in Your Location
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Are you one of the many Filipinos who want to try their luck overseas? Filipinos are actually one of the top contenders in getting jobs abroad. TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) offers Housekeeping Course where you can enroll and learn the basics of a housekeeping job abroad. This course is one of the most enrolled programs in TESDA. This may be because countries such as Singapore, Taiwan, Hongkong, Japan, and many other countries have a huge requirement for trained housekeepers.

Working as a housekeeper in a foreign land is not an easy job. You will need the skills and a lot of patience and perseverance. You have to be well equipped to fit the job. The best way is for you to enroll in a Housekeeping course in TESDA. After finishing the training program, there will be an assessment exam you can take to get the National Certificate (NC I and II). You can present this as proof that you have graduated from the course.

But first, you have to find the nearest TESDA School near you. These are the steps in finding TESDA schools that have TESDA Housekeeping Course;

Step I

Go to TESDA website. On the right portion of the website, look for the Quick Links then click the “Registered Programs”.

tesda housekeeping 1

Step II

After doing the instruction in step I, click “Housekeeping” and then type your location.

tesda housekeeping 2

Step III

After hitting the search bar, the complete list of TESDA housekeeping schools will appear based on the location you have keyed in. Jot down the details; course duration, address, and contact numbers.

tesda housekeeping 3

In choosing a school, consider the location as a major consideration.

Step IV

This is the point wherein you have to talk to TESDA personnel to ask the cost of tuition fee and requirements. This can be done thru email, school visit, or phone.

They usually require that you have at least finished high school to take the course. Some branches that may require other documents so better ask ahead of time.

Step V

When you have chosen the school that will fit your location and time, it’s time to go on with the enrollment.

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Hope this simple steps and guide in finding TESDA accredited training school and center in your place will help you a lot. You can do it also in finding another courses.

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