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How to Maximize the SSS Membership

How to Maximize the SSS Membership
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Many Filipino workers depend on Social Security System during unexpected circumstances and retirement. As a member of SSS gives an individual the privilege to enjoy several benefits. But sometimes the processing of loan applications or claims would take a long time. To avoid delays, there are useful tips to maximize the membership.

  1. Ensure accurate personal details

When filing claims, the main document required by the SSS is the birth certificate. With this it’s important to have this document issued by the PSA. See that the details or information stated in your SSS records are the same with the details in the birth certificate, particularly the full name, age, and date of birth. Any discrepancy would affect the processing.

That’s why if your present marital status in your SSS records is single and you got married, change your marital status. You can fill-up and submit the Member Data Change Request Form. You can also check your record online through My.SSS portal.

  1. Keep the list of the beneficiaries updated

If you’re married and have kids, always update your beneficiaries. Accomplish and file the Member Data Change Request Form along with the birth certificate and marriage certificate certified by the PSA. Updated list of beneficiaries is helpful when filing for death claims.

Primary beneficiaries include legal spouse, legitimate, illegitimate and legitimated minor children, and dependent minor. The parents of the member are the secondary beneficiaries. You must show the beneficiaries in the SSS Form E-1 and E-4 of the member.

  1. Register only one SS number

Having multiple SS number would cause delay in processing your claims. With this, the SSS reminds every member to register only one SS number. In case of multiple SS numbers, the best thing to do is to cancel the other number registered. It will merge all the contributions and records in one SS number.

  1. Pay the SSS loans on time

If you have a standing loan to SSS pay it on time to avoid penalties. If you are employed and your employer is deducting the loan payment from your salary, check if they remit the payment. Otherwise, you can file a complaint. It requires a loan collection list issued by your employer for late posting of payments.

  1. Check your payments for contributions

Non-remittance of contributions of the employees is a violation of employers. Violating the SS law can make them convicted and pay for penalties or imprisonment. Default of payment can cause delays in approval in case you will file for another loan. The good thing is that you can check and monitor your online and the SSS will send you updates through text messages.

SSS membership is a lifetime. You can pay your contributions even if you lose a job because you can pay as a voluntary member. It is your responsibility as an SSS member to keep your records on track to avoid issues when filing for claims.

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