Home News Netizens Amazed to this Two Young OFW Couple when they Build Their Dream House and Shares Tips How They Did It

Netizens Amazed to this Two Young OFW Couple when they Build Their Dream House and Shares Tips How They Did It

Netizens Amazed to this Two Young OFW Couple when they Build Their Dream House and Shares Tips How They Did It
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Filipinos work hard to provide for their families. Living in the Philippines is hard when you don’t have a high-paying job. Many people choose to go to other countries so they can earn more. They sacrifice their happiness to support their families. Some even develop depression because it will take years before they can come home. But living and working abroad can also be lucrative. You can build your home, buy a car, and even open a business if you know how to budget. Some OFWs don’t need to go away again because they become rich after working in a foreign place.


Ricky Jay Javate and his girlfriend proved that their relationship goals are strong. After three years of working in Taiwan, they build their dream home. The two worked as factory workers. They had to go away from their families for a while to earn money and save up.


Their journey wasn’t easy but it was worth it. The two were both jobless and had no money but they had teamwork. They also had a dream which is to have their house. Now, they already have that. But what did they do to reach their goals in only three years? Ricky shared some tips on what to do.


Tips from the Couple

  1. You must have a reason for working abroad. This will push you to strive harder. It will also make you stronger while you’re away. Life abroad is very hard but you can make it if your family is your reason and inspiration.
  2. Plan and budget your expenses and what you’re saving for. You have a set amount of income each month from your salary. Use that as a basis of your computations. Compute on what you’re sending home, spending, and saving. Ricky and his girlfriend planned and saved together. He added that you should save up according to what you’re earning. Don’t compute for something you won’t get. For example, if your salary is Php20,000 a month then set realistic goals according to that amount. Never compute above it.
  3. Stay consistent and determined when saving up. You have a monthly target and save that amount first before spending on other things. Leisure like malling, eating out, watching movies, and more should only happen after you allocated money for savings.
  4. Push yourself to save while you can. He said that you shouldn’t make excuses even when you’re already tired. He also mentioned that reaching goals is hard when people make excuses. Save first before buying expensive things. Save first before resting. That should help you reach your goals faster.
  5. The last thing he shared is faith in God. He said it is the most important. Faith and prayers will help everyone reach their goals. It can also help when you are feeling worthless and hopeless. It will motivate you to keep on going if your faith is strong. So, don’t ever forget that.


Be Inspired

There’s a reason to listen to Ricky. The fruit of his and his girlfriend’s labor is evident. It is a standing proof that their hard work paid off. Their faith never vanished and they are enjoying now what they worked hard for. Look at this story as an inspiration to keep you going. If you’re feeling tired, look up to God.

Ask for His help so you can go on and look for ways to support your family. Don’t lose hope because there will always be a way to have a better life. Just have faith. And, try to use these tips from Ricky. Who knows, you might be the next homeowner.


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