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John Lloyd’s French Mediterranean Architecture Family Home

John Lloyd’s French Mediterranean Architecture Family Home
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John Lloyd Cruz is one of the most bankable stars on TV and movies before his showbiz hiatus. It’s no wonder that he was able to save up and purchase a magnificent home in a posh subdivision in Antipolo. The actor wanted his house to be casual but elegant so he opted to have a structure with a French Mediterranean appeal and for the interiors, he wanted American design. He had Architects Danny Lucas and Roland Andres to work on the design on his mind. The property sits on a 1,100 sq. m. property.


When you look at the house from the outside, it’s imposing and grand. It’s inspired by the homes in L.A. There’s an archway at the porch entrance and Italian marble was used for the exterior of the house.

Outdoor Area

There’s a koi fish pond which gives a relaxing welcome as you approach the main door. The family loves this area and even the actor spends time feeding the fish.

Front Door

As guests enter the main door, they will notice the high ceiling which gives the area a touch of elegance and grandeur. The staircase on the left corner leads to the owners’ bedrooms.

Wooden floors were used in the area. It also features cove lighting and an oversized customized clock hangs over the door and which was bought from Arte Espanol. The walls beside the main door have brocade pattern wallpaper while the other walls had been painted with grayish-green.

Powder Room

The powder room is located under the staircase. It has top-notch fixtures as can be seen in hotel rooms. There’s an elegant flower arrangement under the sink top and warm lighting was used.

Dining and Kitchen Area

The dining area was unfinished yet during the photoshoot. It has a ten-seater dining table made from narra. It was bought from Linea Furniture and Murray Feis chandelier hangs over the dining table.


The kitchen is one of the favorite spots of John Lloyd. He loves eating breakfast in the area by the window. The area is spacious and the marble-top island can be made into an improvised dining area. Aglo marble was used for the floors and Red Beech veneer was used on the ceiling.

The area has top-of-the-line fixtures, accessories, and appliances. The cabinets have a self-closing system.


Right outside of the dining area is a lanai where there’s an eight-seater dining table that can also serve as a holding area while the dinner is being prepared. The area can also be used for casual dining or simply enjoy a coffee and cookies.

Swimming Pool


The pool has an infinity sign on the tiled flooring as suggested by a Feng Shui expert. This is to counter bad luck. The construction of the pool wasn’t part of the original plan but John Lloyd changed his mind.

Guest House

The property is spacious so a guest house was also constructed. It measures 80 sq. m. which has a living and dining area, kitchen, bathroom, and 2 bedrooms.

Lounge Area


This spot is where the actor can spend some time alone when he doesn’t have a busy schedule. There’s a bathroom outside this area where guests can also go to. It has first-class fixtures and won’t be left behind by the other parts of the house.

Outdoor Area

There’s a statue which is a replica of Venus de Milo. John Lloyd calls the statue Amanda. This gives a European feel in the outdoor area.

There’s a beautiful garden in the outdoor area where the owners and guests can spend a moment of their time to walk around or simply enjoy the relaxing view it offers. photos via Yes

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