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Piolo Pascual’s North America Architecture Home in Las Vegas Home

Piolo Pascual’s North America Architecture Home in Las Vegas Home
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Piolo Pascual is one of the most bankable actors in the Philippines. It’s no wonder that he had saved enough to invest in properties here and abroad. One of the properties he had invested his hard-earned money in is a neo-eclectic house in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s a 260 sq. m. house within a private neighborhood and perfect for Pascual who wanted a place to relax after a hectic showbiz schedule.  It’s a simple house in which his sister Patricia had done some of the decorating.


The property, just like most American houses, has no gate. Even outside the house, you will be able to see the simplicity of the actor’s house.

Living Area


The off-white living room shows how the actor wanted to keep everything simple. Brown seating pieces and fascinating designs that make the area homey.

Dining & Kitchen Area


The six-seater dining table with clear glass top is a perfect match to the blue colored walls of the dining room. It has a contemporary chandelier that adds drama to the area. This area is seldom used though because the family usually eats their meals at the kitchen counter or the round table.

The spacious kitchen is very spacious and has a lot of wooden kitchen cabinet.

Entertainment Area

This is the area where the family feels most comfortable. It has two heart-shaped chairs in deep red color. It is complemented by a black sectional sofa.



The bedroom has a queen-sized bed and a leather recliner with a foot massager. This spot gives the actor a secluded place to relax.

The room has a bathroom that has a wooden vanity corner. The bedroom and bed have no partition.


This area is located near the swimming pool and there are no walls so that air can flow freely in this relaxing Zen-inspired area.

Outdoor Area

There’s a bear-shaped swimming pool and it takes about almost all of the space in the backyard. The actor said that they didn’t notice the shape of the pool at once. He only noticed when he was looking down at it from his room.

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