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Home Public Info Largest Ocean Park in the Philippines Opens in Cebu

Largest Ocean Park in the Philippines Opens in Cebu

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There’s an amazing ocean park that opened recently in Cebu. Tourists and even Filipino travelers will definitely love the place because it’s 4x bigger than Manila Ocean Park. It’s located near the SM Seaside in Cebu and along South Road Properties.

image credit to sugboph

The Ocean Park had a soft opening last August 24, 2019. It’s the first of its kind in the Visayas and Mindanao and set up on a whopping 10,000sq. m. lot which also features several attractions. The Deep Tank Lagoon inside the oceanarium which covers around 3.5k cubic meters and with a depth of 7.2 meters is now the biggest and deepest aquarium in the country.

image credit to sugboph
image credit to sugboph

The Ocean Park which is 4x times larger than its counterpart in Manila will make visitors feel that they’re really under the sea with its 360-degree view. There’s also an underwater walkway where you can see colorful fishes that are naturally found in the waters of the Philippines. There’s a jungle trek too where the guests can marvel at the sight of freshwater fish along with other animals like parrots and lorikeets.

image credit to sugboph
image credit to sugboph

They can also be feed for a fee of course. Guests can also watch interactive adventures and animal shows. The park also offers underwater helmet diving, fish spa, glass-bottom boat ride, and stingray interaction. There’s also an attraction for the adventurous guests; cage diving inside the crocodile tank.

image credit to sugboph
image credit to sugboph

The management requests the park’s visitors not to expect too much yet and also allow the animals to settle to their new environment. The park is still in its soft opening phase so there are still some areas which are closed to the public. They announced though that the tickets that were bought previously can be used on the official opening of the park which will commence before the end of the year.

image credit to sugboph

The park opens daily at 8:00 AM and closes at 8:00 PM. Ticket prices are;

  • Journey Experience – Php600/head during weekdays and Php800/head on weekends. Prices apply for both adults and kids. Children below 2 feet in height will be free. This covers;
    1. Creepy Critters
    2. Main Tank Gallery
    3. Amphitheatre
    4. Lorries
    5. Seven Seas
    6. Jungle Trek
    7. Stingray Interaction
    8. Oceanarium Journey
  • Fish Spa – Php100/20mins.
  • Crocodile Cage – Php2,000
  • Swim with Stingray – Php1,000
  • Sea Trek – Php1,200

Sources: Sugbo PH

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