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Archie Hilario, a popular vlogger posted a video interview on Youtube that broke the hearts of many netizens. He interviewed a 68-year-old man living all alone in the middle of a forest. He posted the video on youtube, hoping that many would also extend their help to this poor old man.

Tatay Ruben is living alone in his small run-down house, he has no wife and kids. His parents and siblings have all passed away and now he is left with no one. He said during the interview that when he was younger, money was really never an issue. He was young, strong, and with a decent job. He used to help his relatives and his four nieces in their studies. He was the one paying for their tuition fees and he worked really hard just for him to support their educational needs.

During his interview with Archie, he said with a sad tone of voice that he can’t find his nieces anymore. Now that he is old and weak, he needed help and care from them but it seems that they all have forgotten him, plus they also have their own families, Tatay Ruben said to Archie.

All he wanted right now is to have a decent home. A house that will protect him from heavy rains and typhoons. It seems impossible but because Archie posted this video online, many netizens with good hearts wanted to share their blessings and help Tatay Ruben. Because of this good-hearted vlogger, Archie Hilario, and the kind netizens who saw the video, Tatay Ruben will soon have a house of his own.

Sometimes we care so much for other people, and sometimes we are forgetting to take care of our selves. There is nothing wrong with it, in fact, it is an amazing act to help people and not expecting something in return. The story of Tatay Ruben is one of the many stories that inspired me and a lot of people. I hope that he will have more years of good health and endless blessings. God bless you, Tatay Ruben.

Watch the video below:

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