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Home Viral Look: Online Seller Finally Gifted Herself a House on Her Birthday

Look: Online Seller Finally Gifted Herself a House on Her Birthday

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Every ordinary citizen’s dream is to be able to have a house & lot, car, and a business of his/her own. Life is indeed very hard in the Philippines more so nowadays and most of the time; this will remain a dream for the ordinary Juan. The average Filipino only gets a small salary so this will be quite impossible.


For a housewife, daily budgeting is hard enough when the take-home pay of the head of the family is so small. As they usually say, they do some magic tricks when they get hold of their husband’s salary just so they can be able to budget it for the needs of the family. It can be doubly hard if the kids are already in school.


Recently, an online seller hit the headlines after being able to have a house & lot of her own. Car Li Ta had been selling online for five years. She admitted that she walked away from home though she knew that it was a wrong thing to do.

But despite that, she worked hard to make her life improve and fulfill her dreams together with her partner. She worked hard as an online seller and you can say that luck was on her side because no matter what obstacles came her way, she didn’t give up and instead, worked harder.


photo credit to Car li ta | Facebook

Car Li Ta’s story will prove to everyone that if someone is really up to something and wants to improve her status in life, the best thing to do is be hardworking and patient to be able to persevere.

photo credit to Car li ta | Facebook

This online seller’s story inspired a lot of netizens and those who personally knew her. After all, not everyone will be able to achieve what she was able to. It may not be a grandiose house but what matters is that she was able to achieve her dreams in a clean way.

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