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Change is always admirable if it’s for the better. From old to new, from dull to something loveable, from small to big, from bad to good. It’s something everyone desires to achieve.

This house renovation has captured netizens’ hearts with the remarkable improvement and changes it had shown. It may not be an all-over renovation, but the terrace’s improvement amazed viewers.

The house previously had green paint on its exterior walls, but it looks a little artsy on its new look with a brick wall, and the roofing was changed in red color. The window frames are also replaced with new ones. Another addition to the house’s new look is the sliding gate with white color and the potted plants, which makes the house look more active.

There is a provision for a carport that extends from the awning over the front door, leading down to the fence area.

The house’s interior looks very organized and neat, with white painted walls and the wood-like tile flooring. There are also stylish lights and other wooden furniture pieces that go with the earthly color palette, such as white, brown, and black.

The dining area has wooden chairs and a table. Noticeable accents on the living room are the two vertical rectangular arrangement of bricks. The kitchen has white tile walls, a brown counter, with white storage cabinets. There is a huge gray fridge and a black water dispenser.

The bedrooms are on the second floor, one master bedroom, and one baby room. The room both have white walls and ceilings. The baby room is filled with toys and looks very cute on its decorated wall, wooden chairs, table, and toy cabinets.

The bathroom also is a unique view with a honey bee hive theme. It has a big oval mirror above the washbasin with cabinets attached below it.

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