Home News Meralco Releases Refund Guidelines for the Estimated Bills

Meralco Releases Refund Guidelines for the Estimated Bills

Meralco Releases Refund Guidelines for the Estimated Bills
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You were surprised when you received your latest electricity bill from the previous consumption, which is more than expected.

The good news is, you can avail of the refund if in case you have paid more than your consumption from the “estimated bills” that was a charge of you.

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The Energy Regulatory Commission or the ERC directed Meralco to provide refunds to the people and so they also did thus followed by the release of the refund guidelines.

If the refund amount is 10, 000 pesos maximum, it will be given back as cash to the consumer, and beyond the said amount, it will be refunded through a check.

If you want to get your refund because you have paid beyond your consumption, follow the steps and take note of the requirements provided below.

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Visit the nearest Meralco office from your location and you must bring the following:

  1. Valid ID
  2. Proof of payment (receipt)
  3. Should the bill be in another name; if you are renting, then you need to have an authorization letter from the person whose name is on the bill.

Note: In case the payee of whom the bill is addressed to, such as in the case of a deceased person, there should be a document to prove the case, and you must be a qualified claimant or be a relative of the payee.

What if I did not pay through cash?

This refund may be an issue for those consumers who pay through online payment method. As per Meralco, these people can coordinate through their social media accounts or call Meralco hotline at 16211.

Meanwhile, Meralco chief executive officer and president Ray Espinosa said “Madam Senator, doon po naman sa mga nagbayad in full ng kanilang bill, bagamat sila ay entitled sa installment plan na six or four installments, meron din po kaming advisory na kung nagbayad kayo at gusto niyong mag installment plan, ire-refund po ng Meralco lahat ng binayad niyo,” responding to Senator Risa Hontiveros’ queries.

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