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Home News Netizen Encourages Diners to Clean their Tables When Dining Out

Netizen Encourages Diners to Clean their Tables When Dining Out

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It’s common practice in the Philippines to just leave the table looking like a mess when they are dining out. They leave it up to the crew to clean everything. They are probably thinking that it’s their job anyway. Since this is the usual thing that happens when dining out, when one sees a table that had been cleaned up, it becomes viral. A netizen’s post went viral recently for encouraging people who dine out to clear after they are done eating.

This suggestion was agreed upon by most of the readers. Others said that they have been practicing that whenever they dine out. Many readers have tagged their family and friends so they would do the same. Junery Ace Villa said that when you practice this whenever eating outside, there will be a smile on the face of the crew. He shared a photo with a clean table on his Facebook account.

image via twitter

All the glasses, plates, and bowls were neatly stacked together and there were no spilled sauce or drinks on the table. The crew would just pick them up and wipe the table to freshen it up. It would take a lot faster and would be easier for the crew and the next one to use the table won’t have to wait longer.

image via twitter

Lyka Nicole commented that cleaning up the table is the right thing to do. She added that even if it’s the job of the crew to do that, it won’t hurt if you help them a bit. Other netizens commented that they do the same because their mothers taught them to clean after eating. Another commented that since the crew brought the food in good condition, it’s also nice not to leave the table in a mess. The post gained a lot of positive feedback except for some who commented that they will only clean up the table if the crew handled the order well and smiled at them.


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