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There’s a new kind of barter trade. This is Pinoy’s Barter Trade during the pandemic.

Nanay Aurora’s family is running out of food supply. This is a common happening in this situation, especially for disadvantaged families. The 62-year old woman decided to go into barter trading. She asked her daughter to barter an old electric fan in exchange for rice.

Many netizens learned about her ordeal that many of them decided to give her free rice!

One generous doctor named Dr. Jessica Atas, 28 also saw the offer. Being a kind soul, she thought of how she can help Nanay Aurora and her family.

She decided she will give Nanay Aurora a new electric but didn’t want to make them feel less dignified. After all, they were in a barter deal. She instead asked her if there’s something else Nany Aurora can give in exchange for the new electric fan.

Nanay Aurora said they have a stuffed toy they could barter. Dr. Jessica knew the kids at home can use that. She asked Nanay Aurora if there’s more she can offer. Nanay Aurora said they have Kamias or Iba. Dr. Jessica said she will take it!

They did the trade and even posed together for a photo.

That’s nice of Dr. Jessica to help in her little way. It’s very hot nowadays. Nanay Aurora and her family can use the electric fan.

Thanks to people like Dr. Jessica, many of our Kababayans feel that someone wants to take care of them. They need the help of others because they’re already down right now.

Let’s wish more people are like Dr. Jessica who is willing to help but also doesn’t want to make Nanay Aurora feel small. Let’s also hope that better things can still happen to this country.

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