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PhilHealth Benefits Many People Don’t Know They are Qualified

PhilHealth Benefits Many People Don’t Know They are Qualified
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As soon as you became a member of PhilHealth, you have the right to know the benefits you are entitled to. Obviously, no matter how healthy a person is, time will come that health problem may happen. Maintaining a good health may require you to spend some amount of money. The sad part is that in times of sickness not all of us can afford to sustain the medical expenses. For us to know the different kinds of PhilHealth benefits you may get let’s read further more.

Fortunately, the government is doing its best to provide the Filipino people medical assistance to those who are in dire needs. PhilHealth is a healthcare agency that provides financial assistance. The assistance can be used to pay for the professional fees and other hospital charges and bills. But, this is applicable only for those who are admitted for hospital confinement.

Perhaps, you would think that most of the benefits given by PhilHealth are for the inpatients only. You are mistaken because this government agency also provides outpatients services and even for critical illnesses.

Here are other PhilHealth benefits members can avail:

Outpatient benefits


PhilHealth offers several services for outpatients. This means even those sick people who are not admitted to a hospital can still ask for financial assistance. The agency covers the partial costs of ambulatory surgeries. Those are non-emergency procedures in which patients can go home on the same day after the procedure.

Outpatients can also avail financial assistance for hemodialysis sessions, blood transfusions, and radiation therapy.


Another benefit that many people don’t know is the TSeKaP. This is a primary care service also known as Tamang Serbisyo para sa Kalusugan ng Pamilya. It is provided for sponsored members indigents, migrant workers, organized groups and legal dependents.

It covers services such as consultations, counseling, digital rectal exams, periodic breast exams, and regular blood pressure measurements. TSekaP is also applicable for chest X-ray, urinalysis, and complete blood count. You can also avail this package to pay for medications for acute gastroenteritis, asthma, urinary tract infection, and upper respiratory tract infection.


People with type Z diseases can avail the Z Benefits Package. This benefit of Phil Health is designed for members that are going through expensive and long-term treatments due to illnesses. Some of the illnesses and procedures covered by Z benefits are the following:

  • An early stage of breast cancer
  • Acute lymphoblastic or lymphocytic leukemia
  • Low to intermediate stage of prostate cancer
  • Low-risk kidney transplant
  • Tetralogy of Fallot surgery for kids
  • Coronary artery bypass graft surgery
  • Early stage cervical cancer
  • Surgery for ventricular septal defects
  • Rectum and colon cancer
  • Selected orthopedic implants
  • Prevention of preterm kidney

The advantage of this particular package is that sponsored members with type Z diseases can avail as much as 100% coverage once they are qualified.

PhilHealth benefits for Mother and Child Benefits


PhilHealth members who are conceiving a baby should inform the agency in order to avail of the maternity benefits. This benefit can be used to pay the prenatal care and delivery. The maternity care package covers delivery in lying-in clinics, midwife clinics, and birthing homes.

This is also applicable if you are giving birth in a PhilHealth accredited hospital. You can use the maternity benefits for caesarian section procedure or normal delivery. Likewise, prenatal care, medical facility fees, and professional fees are also covered.

Included in the maternity benefits is the Newborn Care Package in which the newborn baby undergoes BCG vaccination, physical examination, Vitamin K administration, eye prophylaxis, Hepa B vaccine, and other newborn screening tests.

Millenium Development Goals or MDG benefits

This healthcare agency offers the so-called Millenium Development Goals or MDG. Some of the diseases covered include HIV-AIDS, malaria, animal bites, and tuberculosis. You can also avail MDG benefits if you want to undergo surgical contraception procedures such as transaction of fallopian tubes (women) or vasectomy (men).

So, if you’re not a member of PhilHealth, visit the nearest office and inquire how to become one.

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