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How to Apply Philippine Passport – Appointments, Requirements and Application Online

How to Apply Philippine Passport – Appointments, Requirements and Application Online
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Is this your first time to apply for a passport? Applying for a passport the first time is both exciting and nerve-wracking. Getting a Philippine Passport is a milestone for many Filipinos. It’s a milestone because not everyone can get it. But, when you follow the application requirements procedure, you can get your own passport. Here’s how;

DFA passport

What are the Passport Renewal Requirements? 

Here are things you need to know for online application for renewal of passport.
  • Passport online appointment confirmation
  • Filled-up application form through their website (you can also get a blank application form if you want a printed copy. Just makes sure you use an A4 bond paper and go to their PDF file page for printed copies.)
  • Original Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Valid IDs

– SSS/Unified Multi-purpose ID (UMID)


Driver’s License from LTO

– PRC ID (Professional Regulatory Commission)

– iDole card

– OWWA card

– PNP License for Firearms

– Voter’s ID or Voter’s Certification

– Senior Citizen ID

– School ID

  • Personal Appearance at the DFA Office

What are the Other Documents You Need (For Adults)?

  • Marriage Contract for married females using their husbands’ names (authenticated copy from the PSA)
  • Local Civil Registrar original copy of Birth Certificate for applicants who don’t have a clear PSA copy

Appointment Scheduling through their Website

  • Take note that you must apply several months in advance before your travel date. There’s a big bunch of applicants for passports that the DFA Office may take a month or even months before they can make an appointment schedule available for you.
  • Give enough time so you can travel the dates you wish to.

Steps on How to Apply Passport Application Online

  • Visit the DFA website and get to the Appointment System page
  • There are two choices for the applications; number one is the Individual Appointment wherein you will be interviewed alone and number two is the Group Appointment where you’ll be interviewed by groups.
  • Click the box of your choice and click the box which says you read and understood their terms for the applications.
  • Choose your most convenient DFA office to go to. It can be the one nearest to your house or office. Additionally, you can also change the location of the DFA Office you’ll go to in case you want to go to a different office.
  • Choose your preferred date and time. Green means the dates and times are still open while the red one isn’t available anymore.
  • Keep refreshing your internet browsing if you can’t see available slots. Chances are there is an applicant who wasn’t able to pay on time and you can get the schedule which came back to the pool.
  • Apply between 12:00 NN and 9:00 pm because slots are made during these times. This is from Monday to Saturday with the exemptions of holidays.
  • You can search through the other sites like DFA Central ASEANA, DFA NCR East (Megamall). DFA NCR Northeast (Alimall), DFA NCR West (SM Manila), DFA NCR South Alabang, and DFA NCR North (Robinsons Novaliches). There are also DFA regional offices which you can try in case you’re having a hard time applying.
  • Choose your schedule fast as interview slots can disappear in an instant. Lookout for morning schedule as it is easier to find.
  • Use a fast internet connection. As mentioned above, interview slots can be gone in a flash so make sure you use a fast internet for less hassle.
  • While the online appointment doesn’t have any charges, the processing fee does so don’t go looking for a schedule when you can’t pay yet because the slot will go back to the pool.
  • Pay the processing fee.

Information You Need to Put in Your Application

  • Full name
  • Birthdate
  • Contact Information
  • Parents’ names
  • Spouses’ Names
  • Citizenship
  • Application type
  • Emergency contact person and that person’s contact number

*Please take note that you only have 15 minutes to reserve your interview slot. You need to fill out that form during that 15 minutes so you better have all those information ready before you start applying. Make sure you put the right details to avoid errors.

Paying the Processing Fee | how much is a passport fee

  • Regular Processing Fee is Php950 which will take between 10-15 days.
  • Express Processing Fee is Php1200 for 5-7 days of processing.

How to Pay passport fees

  • Choose your preferred processing time and click the box that says “Pay Now”.
  • There will be a pop up which says “I agree” that will appear. Click that and click “Proceed Payment”.
  • You will be taken to the ‘Payment Page’. You’ll have several options for payments. You will also see a reminder as well as the total amount. There’s an added Convenience Fee of Php50 per person for the Processing Fee. You must click Proceed.
  • Once you’ve chosen your payment option, you can pay for the whole amount and you can pay for it within the 24-hour payment period.
  • After paying, you’ll get an email notification for appointment confirmation. You must print all the documents including a PDF file with application form, reminders, and receipt. You must bring this with you during your interview. Use A4 bond paper for printing.

*Please take note that you should use cash to pay and the processing fee must be paid with the exact amount. The reference number is good for only one transaction.

During Your Appointment Date

  • Bring all your requirements to the DFA Office.
  • Don’t be late. Be there 30 minutes before your appointment schedule.
  • Bring both original copy and photocopies of requirements.
  • Wear a decent top for your photo ID. Fix your hair and wear simple makeup for girls.
  • Wear proper clothes; this is DFA after all.
  • You’re not allowed to bring a chaperone with you unless you’re a minor.

Stops at the Office

  • Verification Process – Designated DFA employee will check all your documents and requirements and verify them all.
  • Processing of Documents – Your documents and requirements will be processed.
  • Biometrics and Data encoding – Proper DFA personnel will record all your documents and requirements. Your photo, as well as your fingerprints, will also be taken in this process.
  • Passport Delivery (optional with Php150 delivery fee and you will get it in two days; more or less.)

*You can skip the fourth stop at the DFA office if you prefer to get your passport in person. You will be given a receipt which you have to bring on the Passport release date. Go to back to the DFA Office during the date of release to get your passport.

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*Please also note that you can ask any of your immediate family to get your passport but they have to bring an authorized letter from you which states that you are allowing them to get your passport in your behalf. Aside from the authorization letter from you, they must bring the original receipt, original and photocopy of your valid ID, and their original and photocopy of valid ID.

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