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Useful POEA Online Services that Benefits OFWs

Useful POEA Online Services that Benefits OFWs
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Getting a job here in the Philippines is hard. Getting a job abroad is even harder. Applying for work abroad requires patience and perseverance along with a determination as it is no easy feat. There is much documentation that an applicant must submit and other requirements must be followed. the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration knows how hard it is to apply as an OFW and work as an OFW. Because of that, the agency is committed to improving its services. That’s why they now have an ‘online services facility’.

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Their online facility is for booking of appointments, registrations, applying for clearances, and ‘requesting for documents’. What’s good about this is that if you’re an OFW or applying to be one, you don’t have to wait a long time when you’re applying for something from the agency. This is especially convenient if the POEA office is far from where you live.

List of POEA online services that you can ask for from their online facility;

OFW Online Appointment

This is for OFWs who are applying for their OFW Information Sheet/Record. You can get a schedule for your appointment instead of lining up for hours and getting a number. Through their Records System, you will have a specific time to go there and get what you need.

You may log-in to your registered account with POEA and you must have an Appointment Reference Number (ARN). In case you don’t have your ARN yet, it means you’re not yet registered. To register, you must go to the POEA website and register for a free account.

POEA Manpower Pool

POEA also has its own job pool. You can check it out if you have an account with their online facility. You can make your profile for their website through their e-Registration page. This will allow you to apply for OEC and pay for processing fees. This service is helpful for direct hires and seafarers.

Balik Manggagawa Online Processing System

This processing system will help you when you’re applying for an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC). OEC is proof that you are an OFW with proper documents. This also proves that airport authorities can’t charge you with travel taxes and airport fees.

Pre-employment Seminar done Online

This free service if for you to take when you have an account with the website. This is the Pre-employment Orientation Seminar or PEOS which discusses the overseas application, fees, and other details about applying and working abroad. To join this seminar, you must have a free account with POEA. You’ll get learning modules from this seminar as well as PEOS certificate which you’ll have to print. This is also a requirement to get approved as an OFW.

Verifying Recruitment Agencies Online

The Philippine government regularly issues warnings against illegal recruiters. but many still fall into their traps. Through POEA’s online system, aspiring OFWs can now check if the recruiters they are negotiating with are legit. Applicants will also see the lists of recruiters with suspended licenses.

Other Online Services of POEA

  • Job Orders of Agencies with Verification
  • Online Application for SRA/LOA
  • Adjudication Cases Page

There you go; a detailed list of how POEA can help you online. If you’re an applicant or you’ve worked abroad before, take this chance to make your application easier by checking POEA’s website and online facility. Have you tried the POEA website and online facility before? What are your experiences using it?

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