Home Tech Entertainment Ryzza Mae’s Beautiful Contemporary Home in Quezon City

Ryzza Mae’s Beautiful Contemporary Home in Quezon City

Ryzza Mae’s Beautiful Contemporary Home in Quezon City
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Almost everyone knows Ryzza Mae Dizon of the longest running noontime show, Eat Bualaga. The then little girl became famous after winning the Little Miss Philippines title on the show. Many fans fell in love with the girl’s extra ordinary wittiness. She exuded an intelligence and smartness which was not usual for her very young age then. Ryzza Mae was given her own talk show, The Ryzza Mae Show because of her wittiness. She was able to buy two cars and a house for her family in just a few years. Her family now lives in a contemporary home in Quezon City.

Ryzza Mae’s mother, Rizza, was the one who found the beautiful house. The house was unfinished when they bought it and Rizza was the one who decorated it. She would go to different furniture stores daily and anyone who would see their house can say that Ryzza Mae’s mom has a good taste when it comes to decorating a house.

Living Area

The living area has a gray colored sectional sofa. There’s a flat-screen Tv and underneath is a console table. Beside this is a glass shelf where the trophies are displayed. This is filled with natural light because of the glass doors and floor to ceiling glass walls.

Dining Area

The mother and daughter have a quite funny story about the dining table. Rizza bought a rectangular table but Ryzza Mae wanted a round one because for the little girl, a rectangular table is very common.

A mirror hangs behind the dining table and underneath is another console table where the photos of Ryzza Mae and her family are displayed. The promo picture of her movie with Vic Sotto, Bimby Yap, and Kris Aquino, “My Little Bossings” is also displayed on the console table.

Kitchen Area

There’s a cute kitchen a few steps from the dining room. As show on the picture, the cupboards and cabinets are in dark brown paint and mosaic tiles were used on the walls underneath the cupboards. There’s a huge gas range.

The white countertops hold the microwave oven and the stainless steel dish rack. The area also has an island that can be used when preparing ingredients for cooking or simply enjoy a light meal.

3rd Floor Living Area

The house has another living area located on the third floor. It is a perfect spot for the private bonding moments of the family. There’s a simple seating piece which has throw pillows. Natural light streams in through the glass walls.

Nathan and Nicole’s Bedroom

A kiddie bedroom on the third floor is for Ryzza Mae’s siblings, Nathan and Nicole. The room is spacious and the kids have their own bathroom. During the time that the photos were taken, Nicole’s bed has a Tweety Bird bed sheet and Nathan’s bed has a Spiderman spread

Ryzza Mae’s Bedroom

Typical of most girls her age, Ryzza’s room is painted with pink. Her room is very cute. She has a built-in bed which has a pull-out bed where her siblings can lay when they want to sleep with the child star. It has a green carpet and the cabinets are painted with yellow.

She has a battery-operated pink car in the room which was a gift from the concert queen, Pops Fernandez. She also has a cute pink chair and a small white vanity mirror.

Her closets are loaded with her costumes and everyday clothes. She also has designer bags on top of her closet. These bags were given by her colleagues and fans.

She has her own bathroom and it’s quite huge. You can see pink mats including a Hello Kitty. There’s a bright green chair too which is used by Ryzza to reach the sink. photos via YES!

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