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The world can still be a better place. This is true after seeing the viral photos of a security guard teaching a street kid while on-duty. God bless him!

As you can see, Kuya Guard is busy teaching the young boy. He was on duty at the Palawan Pawnshop near Arellano University. This Manila university is a busy community. There are many people around. And you’ll see some vendors, and disadvantaged people walking around

Image credit to John Robert Flores | Facebook

John Robert Flores shared the viral photos. According to him, he saw several children with Security Guard, yet he was able to take photos of only one child. However, the important thing is his initiative.

Being a security guard is hard work. They endure heat, danger, and boredom. But for Kuya Guard, his work is even more important when he can also help some kids.

Image credit to John Robert Flores | Facebook

John Robert Flores was so impressed with the security guard that aside from sharing, he also added how much he appreciates the effort to teach those kids.  He said he salutes the guy for being helpful.

The Philippines is a third world country. Many members of our local communities have a hard time making ends meet. This means parents struggling to feed a big family.

Some of those families have 8 or even more kids. We’re also a clannish bunch. That said, poverty is one of the main problems here.

Image credit to John Robert Flores | Facebook

Children can’t go to school because their parents can’t support them. They would be lucky if they can at least eat three meals a day.

This security guard doesn’t look like he is well-off in life. He may not be able to share material things to his disadvantaged friends. But, at least, he can teach them to read and write.

This can help them while they’re waiting for a chance to go to school. Kudos Kuya Guard!

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