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Sharon Cuneta Elegant and Palace Inspired Home

Sharon Cuneta Elegant and Palace Inspired Home
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One would be lost for words when asked to describe the Megastar’s house in Mandaluyong City. One of the first things that you’ll notice is the fact that Sharon took so much into consideration their privacy and safety. Her property has high walls which kind of hide them from the public’s eyes once they get inside their elegant home. Sharon considers herself a homebody and whenever she’s free from her showbiz commitments, she would rather spend it at home reading books, watching DVDs, and spending time with her children. With a house like hers, it’s no wonder she would prefer to stay here than go out. After all, it’s not only a magnificent house but very relaxing and homey as well.

You can see how hard Sharon had worked through the years by looking at her elegant home. It’s the product of her hard work. Suffice to say that she is just enjoying the fruits of her labor now.

Front Door

There are identical cushioned chairs and tables on both sides of the huge main door. This area has a floor to ceiling glass walls that are covered with bamboo curtains. The owners chose it to be this way because it adds to the homey and cozy feel of the house. Natural light peeps in through the curtains making the house.


Guests will be welcomed by a sunburst-and-cherub sculpture that was bought in Paris by Sharon. Two chairs are placed on each side of the console cabinet.


The sight of the staircase alone will mesmerize guests. It has wrought-iron railings and marble steps. The staircase exuberates a class and elegance of its own. The elevator is located just a few steps from the round table. It can be recalled that during the construction of the house, Sharon decided to have an elevator for her then already sick mom.

Art Collection

Aside from music, Sharon loves art. She has an area inside the house where music and art meet. In this area, she has a mother-and-child painting done by priest and painter, Fr. Armand Tangi. There’s also a big framed music sheets.

The El Dios Pan painting by Juan Luna adds drama to the area. This work of art was inspired from The God of Pan or god of music in Greek mythology.  It was purchased by Claude Tayag in Madrid for Sharon Cuneta. Tayag is Cuneta’s friend.

Paintings and artworks in the house were all chosen by Sharon. On one corner of her house hangs horse carriages painting done by Antonio Leano.

First Living Room

Friends and guests were in Sharon’s mind for her first living room. This is also where Sharon’s husband, Senator Pangilinan, entertains his guests. The area is showcased by light mocha seating pieces. It also adorned with flower arrangements and paintings along with lampshades that give the area a warm feel.

There’s a door near the TV leading to the foyer. The sliding doors underneath the AC units cover up the storage for food. The house is huge and very spacious so there must be partitions and doors to ensure the privacy of each area.

Second Living Room

The seating pieces in this area are also in neutral colors but it is highlighted by bright red curtains and pillows along with the red and orange colored decor pieces. This is where Sharon’s collection of souvenirs from her travels abroad is displayed.

On one side of the house is an antique console table defined by rose carving details. This was bought in Paris. Just like in any other part of the house, this area has paintings hanging by the wall too. Some were done by Mauro “Malang” Santos, a Filipino painter, Anita Magsaysay-Ho, and H. Stone.

Dining Area

The 12-seater dining table was bought from a Paris weekend market. The wood may be old but its intricate details make add appeal to the dining area. Hanging over the dining table are chandeliers from Lovely Murano.

Of course, the area won’t be complete without paintings. For this area, there are two Fernando Amorsolo paintings.

Powder Room

The dining area has a powder room of its own. It is similar to those you would see in hotels. Light-colored glass and marble partitions were used in the area.

Kitchen Area

Sharon’s love for cooking and baking makes this area one of her favorites. As can be seen in the photo, it’s full of first-of-its-class appliances. A dumbwaiter sits near the microwave oven. For those who are not so familiar with it, a dumbwaiter is like a small elevator that is used to deliver food in between each floor of the house.

Outdoor Lounge Area

This area is on the ground floor of the guest house and stands by the pool area. It’s a perfect spot for enjoying light meals while reading a book or simply spending a few minutes of relaxation.

It is furnished with several kinds of seating pieces where guests can also be entertained. It has a bar counter which is meant for preparing snacks.

Outdoor Pathway

This area has tall bamboo trees and connects the two living areas of the house and the garden at the back of the house.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is another relaxing view of this part of the house. The area is both calming and inviting. The family loves to spend an hour or two in the pool for sure. Photos: Rene Mejia

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